"It's people who do business"

Our life is more than ever determined by communication over networks. A powerful building infrastructure is the basis of almost all communicative processes in today's work environments. IT cabling makes a major contribution to efficient working environment and is therefore a key to the future. Email systems connect enterprises with their partners and create contact between customers and suppliers. Computerised telephony provides the necessary customer proximity, and videoconferencing systems connect business partners – even across continents.

EFB makes a major contribution to helping people and organisations to achieve full interoperability. For more than 25 years, our motto has been " We care for connection". This is what drives us. This is our passion. The aim of our daily activities is the highest performance and maximum reliability of the communications infrastructure. Our product development and manufacturing is the result of our enthusiasm for technology and innovation. Our high quality standards require excellence from our production, our logistics and our suppliers – every day. Our staff provides a first class service, be it delivery, technical consulting or project support. All this aims to create compelling solutions for our customers.