A vision of the future

Technological progress is subject to constant change. Today, it is happening at an unprecedented speed. This requires a sustainable and safe environment, as well as reliable products and efficient processes with a high degree of flexibility.

EFB Elektronik aims to be a significant player in those niche markets where our technological solutions meet a real need and benefit. Customer requirements play a central role. We focus on a number of important growth markets where our specialized knowledge and expertise make a real difference. Combined with our great innovation ability, this increases our signature performance.

Because of our organisational structure, in which numerous activities are decentralised and transferred to  specialised areas of our organisation in which entrepreneurial activity plays a central role, we have  a very close relationship with our customers and understand their needs and concerns. By using our technical solutions, we can be successful in the market – together.

Our employees are of extreme importance in this regard. Their know-how is our largest intangible asset. We are committed to providing a safe work environment in which everyone has the opportunity to develop his or her talents.