Outdoor Cable A-DQ (ZN)B2Y SM G657.A1 1750N

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A-DQ(ZN)B2Y 12E 9/125µ G657.A1 PE black
Item number: 55412.1
EAN no.: 4049759073107

Product information for A-DQ(ZN)B2Y 12E 9/125µ G657.A1 PE black

For fixed installation outdoor
In cable ducts, tubes and interconnections
Mechanical installation by winch is permitted only when using force meters with recording function
Suitable for underground laying (direct buried)

Outdoor cable
Resistant to oil, petrol, acid and leach

The cable diameter can vary

Technical properties

Application: Outside
Armouring: True
Blow in: False
Cable & Fiber: IEC/EN 60794-1;IEC 60794-3
Cable metal free: True
Cabling standards: EN 50173-1;ISO/IEC 11801
Circuit integrity: False
Colour outer sheath: black
Crush resistance: 1500 N/dm
Fiber Colours: red;green;blue;yellow;white;grey;brown;violet;turquoise;black;orange;rose
Fiber marking: Colour
Fibre category: G657.A1
Fibre type: Single mode 9/125
Flame retardant: False
Halogen free: acc. EN 60754-1/2
Halogen free (according to EN 60754-1/2): True
IL max. (dB/km) 1310nm: 0.4 dB/km
IL max. (dB/km) 1550nm: 0.4 dB/km
Longitudinally watertight: 3/24 m/h
Longitudinal water blocking: True
Low smoke: False
Low smoke (according to EN 61034-2): False
Material outer sheath: PE
Oil resistant: Yes
Radial water blocking: True
Resistant to chemicals: True
Temperature Range (Installation): -5 – 50 °C
Temperature Range (Operation): -25 – 60 °C
Temperature Range (Storage): -25 – 70 °C
Transmission standards: IEEE 802.3 10Mbit to 100Gbit
Tube marking: Colour
Tube Ø: Up to 12 fibers: 2.9 ; Up to 24 fibers: 3.5 mm
Type of tube: Central tube
UV resistance: True
With rodent protection: True
With strain relief: True


Item no. Name Weight Bending radius Tensile Force Cable Ø Construct
55404.1 A-DQ(ZN)B2Y 4E 9/125µ G657.A1 PE black 39 kg/km 140 mm 1750 N 7.1 mm 04E ( 1 x 4 ) Singlemode G.657.A1 Select variants
55408.1 A-DQ(ZN)B2Y 8E 9/125µ G657.A1 PE black 39 kg/km 140 mm 1750 N 7.1 mm 08E ( 1 x 8 ) Singlemode G.657.A1 Select variants
55412.1 A-DQ(ZN)B2Y 12E 9/125µ G657.A1 PE black 39 kg/km 140 mm 1750 N 7.1 mm 12E ( 1 x 12 ) Singlemode G.657.A1 Select variants
55424.1 A-DQ(ZN)B2Y 24E 9/125µ G657.A1 PE black 43 kg/km 150 mm 1750 N 7.3 mm 24E (1 x 24) Singlemode G.657.A1 Select variants


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