Environment and Energy Management

 What if EFB-Elektronik was to...

 reduce its residual waste of more than
13,000 kilograms
and paper waste of more than 37,000 kilograms by 10%?

The weight of this amount of waste would then no longer correspond to 39 VW Gold, but only 35 VW Golf!

reduce its paper consumption
of more than 1.2 million sheets
per year by 10%?

The stack of paper would only be 111 metres high, instead of 123 metres!

reduce its gas consumption
of more than 815,000 kwh
per year by 10%?

Only 6,512 bathtubs would be filled, instead of the previous 7,235 bathtubs!

reduce its gas consumption
of more than 815,000 kwh per year
by 10%?

Usage would drop to the equivalent of 24 family homes, instead of the previous 27 family homes!

reduce its electricity consumption
of more than 311,000 kwh per year
by 10%?

This would then correspond to the electricity used for laundry by 784 households, down from 871 households!

reduce its petrol consumption
of more than 98,000 litres per year
by 10%?

The number of buses to be filled with petrol would drop from 356 to 395!

We work hard every day to reach our goals, achieve savings and reduce our consumption.This is why we undertake to comply with all applicable environmental regulations and to support our employees’ and suppliers’ consciousness of the environment. Incentives and programs are initiated, supervised and evaluated in the interest of a continuous improvement.The assessment of environmental impacts is an essential component of our daily processes - in selecting products and suppliers as well as when making investment decisions. Our objective is to prevent harmful environmental impacts through collective action.