Quality Management

Our 240 employees in 3 divisions

twice the length of Germany’s autobahn network

twice the length of the Rhine river

twice the width of 195 soccer fields

These facts are not surprising. The success of our business and our daily conduct foots on the highest quality demands for our products and processes. The most important objective of EFB-Elektronik is to achieve and retain satisfied and trusting customers. A systematic implementation and continuous quality assurance result in a consistent production quality, which satisfies our customers’ demand for quality. We are strongly focussed on our customers and excellent service. This is apparent in our comprehensive expertise in providing advice and solutions, a high degree of flexibility, adherence to agreed dates and a wide network of partners. We work daily with our employees, customers and suppliers on the improvement of our solutions, products and processes as well as on the skills and expertise of our employees. This is precisely the reason why we contribute to the continuous development of the company as well as a continuous improvement of our product and service quality. The obligation to comply with the legal requirements is mandatory for us.