Intruder alarm systems from AVS

Intruder alarm systems from AVS Electronics are carefully selected quality products from in-house development and production. The system components have many unique selling propositions. These include easy configuration, a modular structure of the alarm systems – which can be extended individually – plus the integrated “My AVS Alarm” app, allowing you to access the information you need flexibly.


  • High quality products from own research & development
  • Easy configuration and implementation
  • Flexibility with the modular system: upgrade components individually
  • AVS intrusion detection systems help to recognize threats at early stages

Overview of system components

1. Setting & Operating

  • The system is configured locally at the control panel or via remote access using software
  • The control centre can be switched to activated or deactivated on site at the control panel by PIN or transponder as well as remotely by wireless hand-held transmitter

2. Hybrid system

Various control centres, cable & wireless

  • Conventional connection technology, bus and wireless systems are available
  • Central control of all connected components such as detectors, control panels and alarms with all connection methods

3. Identification & detection

  • Special detectors for outdoors and indoors
  • Technologies used for detection: Infrared and microwave technology, diverse wireless sensors (suitable for door and window monitoring)

4. Local & external alarms

  • Powerful sirens for outdoors and indoors
  • Different diallers ensure a reliable connection to emergency call and service centres

AVS Innovation Radio system RAPTOR

■ 8 security areas
■ 125 zones
■ 125 radio sensors upgradeable
■ Bi-directional radio technology
■ RS485 Bus
■ 64 user
■ Integrated RFID reader
■ Integrated GSM transmission device, optional upgrade of IP and WLAN transmission devices
■ Control by APP
■ Internal sirene and loudspeaker

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