Work at EFB-Elektronik

We offer a diverse range of tasks and a wide range of other benefits to our employees. Their motivation is what drives our company to be succesful and grow sustainably. It is therefore important for us to create the right working conditions.

Our offer to our employees

We offer attractive opportunities to advance your career as well as a number of initiatives assisting you in combining work and family. This includes flexible working hours and part-time positions. Customised initiatives assist parents in returning to work after parental leave and combine being a young parent, having a career and looking after the children. Our occupational health and safety management aims at assisting our employees’ health and wellbeing as well as significantly reducing risk factors. The objective is to establish a sustainable culture of preventative awareness, which motivates everyone to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

Company retirement fund

EFB-Elektronik offers a company retirement fund for the protection of our valued employees’ lifestyle in old age. After completion of the probationary period, all of our employees have the option of deferring a portion of their salary pay to make contributions to our company retirement fund.

Childcare benefit

Our employees’ children should be well looked after during their parents’ working hours. For this reason, we pay a childcare benefit depending on the amount of wages and the cost of childcare.

Net-wage optimisation

Do you want to maximise your net pay? Our net-pay optimisation means that our employees have more cash in their bank accounts at the end of each month.

Christmas and holiday pay for blue-collar personnel

As a gesture of appreciation for their hard manual work, our blue-collar employees receive Christmas pay in winter and extra holiday pay in summer.

Public transport ticket

Those travelling to and from work environmentally friendly by bus or train are paid a contribution to their monthly public transport ticket, the so-called “job ticket”.

Optical benefit

If a special visual aid is required for daily work, EFB-Elektronik will pay a contribution (max. 250,00€). The spectacle subvention will only be granted every 3 years.

Professional development expenses

EFB-Elektronik values professional development. This goes for the whole company as well as each individual employee. We cover the relevant individual cost for attending professional development courses.

Occupational health management

Our employees’ health and wellbeing is of utmost importance for EFB-Elektronik. The EFB health group develops numerous actions and initiatives around the issue of health.
In additon to a contribution towards a membership in SportNavi, which means that many sport and wellness activities are discounted or can be used free of charge, free drinking water and fruits are provided on a regular basis.

Company sports

Whether it’s a run or a soccer match - the team at EFB-Elektronik not only works together, but also enjoys meeting up for sports in their time off work.

Company parties

We celebrate special occasions by throwing a company party. They are a welcome break from daily work and a great opportunity to get to know the colleagues.

Financial assistance for employees

Anyone can face a difficult financial situation. Our company grants loans to employees in particular circumstances to assist in the case of financial hardship.

Relocation assistance

EFB-Elektronik contributes to the relocation costs of an employee, if a relocation is necessary for a new employee to join our team or an existing employee is reassigned.

Costs associated with apprenticeships

We cover all costs for our apprentices: From schoolbooks all the way to safety gear.

Tuition fees

Students enrolled in combined academic / vocational curricula not only receive their monthly pay but are also reimbursed for their tuition fees.

Training and professional development    

Training and professional development

Training and development are essential for the success of EFB-Elektronik. We support and assist our employees in recognising their strengths and potentials and to exploit them in the best possible way. Whether individual seminars, long-term courses or even a distance education course, we support each individual employee in his or her individual professional development. Our internal EFB-Academy enables our employees to learn from each other and pass on their knowledge and skills. Lifelong learning and continuous training is a core component of our offer as an employer.

Young Potential Programm  

Young Potential Programm

EFB-Elektronik incepted the young potentials program to support and motivate qualified young professionals. The program spans over two years and trains the participants in areas such as self-management, communications and presentation skills. These workshops are complemented by group coaching or one-on-one coaching. The program aims at sourcing talented young professionals from within the company, to prepare them for additional responsibilities and retain them as qualified employees for EFB-Elektronik over the long term.


In addition to the internal support initiatives, EFB-Elektronik takes part in CrossMentoring OWL. Young, career-oriented female employees are supported by experienced female mentors from other companies within the region. This program aims at selectively supporting future female managers. The exchange between mentee and mentor lasts for a full year and is complemented by seminars.

International work opportunities

EFB-Elektronik is an international company with products being distributed across the entire world. It is therefore a great benefit to have multilingual staff. Our sales representatives are working internationally to provide the best possible service for our customers.


A cosy lounge for recreation and lunch


Communication of various occupational profiles and working with EFB-Elektronik

  • Cooperation with College and University of Bielefeld
  • The student accompanies one of our professionals for one day „like a shadow“ and thus learns about the respective profession and processes in the company
  • Students are given the opportunity to find out in short time wheter their own ideas coincide with the workplace and get to know EFB Elektronik as potential employer

EFB scholarship support

  • Efficiency scholarship from the study fund OWL
  • Students are supported both materially and ideally
  • The goal is the sustained reinforcement of the regional economy by committed and young professionals in order to counter the shortage of skilled workers


You would like to take on responsibility and pro-actively shape your career in a successful company?
Then EFB-Elektronik is your perfect partner.

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