Delivery Terms & Conditions

Delivery Terms and Conditions: EFB Elektronik, 2011
Central warehouse, Bielefeld, Germany
Delivery Address:
EFB Elektronik GmbH
Striegauer Straße 1
33719 Bielefeld
1. General information  
The terms of delivery for our central warehouse in Bielefeld are part of the conditions of purchase and ensure a smooth and safe logistics process between our suppliers and the warehouse. Compliance with these requirements is therefore a prerequisite for the initial and subsequent listing as a supplier of EFB Elektronik. 2. Notification obligation
Deliveries of more than two pallets must be announced at least 2 days before the cheduled delivery. Unannounced shipments can only be received and unloaded if the capacities permit it. For inquiries and to notify about upcoming shipments, please contact Mr. Avdilehat Ibraimi, tel: 0049-521-4041864, fax: 0049-521-4041869, email: a.ibraimi[at] EFB is not responsible for waiting times arising from the failure to notify the warehouse. All drivers must report to employees responsible for incoming goods prior to docking at the loading dock so that the unloading can be carried out properly. 3. Delivery 3.1. Delivery note
Each consignment must be accompanied by the corresponding delivery note. The placement of the delivery note is to be clearly marked. Each delivery note must carry the EFB purchase order number, order date as well as an item numberccorded by the supplier and/or EFB for each article. 3.2. Packaging
Single items, packing units and additional packaging must be labelled with the EFB item number and the supplier item number as well as the order number. 3.3. Loading equipment
In general, the delivery is to be realised using exchangeable and undamaged euro pallets. Because of our contour control, excess goods are not allowed on the pallets. In case of these rules' violation, the supplier is charged with repackaging expenses. The individual carriers are to be packed with goods of the same kind or belonging to the same order as far as possible. Should goods for storage and consignment be delivered simultaneously, they should be delivered separately according to the intended purpose. Should different articles be delivered on the same carrier, they are to be physically separated, for instance, by packaging, in order to avoid intermixing. Transport damages that occur due to inadequate packing shall be borne by the supplier. 3.4. State of delivered goods
Means of transport and packaging are only accepted in perfect condition. In case of demonstrable damage to the transport by the supplier or transporter, we reserve the right to refuse the ware or to charge for the damage. 3.5. Pallet heights
Pallets must not exceed a height of 1.05 m (CCG 1) measured from the ground, including the pallet itself, and a weight of max. 600 kg. Pallets with products that are, by nature, already higher than 1.05 m and/or heavier than 600 kg, can reach a height of 1.60 to 1.95 m (CCG 2), measured from the floor including the pallet and weigh up to 800 kg. If in doubt, please contact the EFB warehouse management using the contact details above. 3.6. Goods reception hours
The reception of goods at the central warehouse in Bielefeld takes place Monday - Thursday 8:00-14:00 and Friday 8:00-12:00. 3.7 Fees
We do not accept exchange or transfer fees for loading equipment, such as EURO pallets or grid boxes. 4 Liability
In the case of non-observance of the points listed above we will charge the guilty party for the resulting additional expenses. 5 Legal requirements
The relevant legal requirements are in force, to wit: the Recycling Law (latest version) for the product, the Packaging Ordinance for packing and the Hazardous Substances and Dangerous Goods Regulation for dangerous substances. EFB Elektronik GmbH,
Bielefeld, May 2011