Universal DIN rail holder
4U for 19'', wall or ceiling mounting

IT components often require to be installed in places with limited fastening/fixing possibilities. In this case the DIN rail is very helpful: from the standard DIN rail to optional products like DIN rail clips or power distribution boxes. A product with a high level of flexibilty suitable for various applications – from 19“ housings to wall or ceiling mounting/installation.

Product advantages

  • Quick and easy installation of different devices
  • Standardise acc. to DIN EN 60715
  • Flexible use, whether at home or in harsh industrial areas
  • Wide range of products to be fastened on DIN rail

Your options: standard or customized version

[] Hutschienen Varianten
[] Hutschienen Varianten
[] Hutschienen Varianten

19“ 4U universal DIN rail holder

  • 19“ housing, wall or ceiling mounting/installation possible
  • Versatile mounting possiblities through steplessly depth adjustability
    of approx. 55 – 165 mm
  • DIN rail to be installable horizontally or vertically
  • Integrated cabling routing support, height adjustable

19“ 3U power distribution/circuit breaker housing with DIN rail

  • Installation of up to 18 DIN rail modules like circuit breaker, power sockets etc.
  • Rear sided cable entry openings
  • Earthing bols M5 including cable at the rear
  • Installation adapter 19“/21“ (ETSI) included

DIN rail for 19“ mounting

  • DIN rail profile for 19“ level mounting
  • 2x mounting openings 16 x 6,5mm
  • Material: galvanised steel


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