Face-Software Module for biometric real-time facial recognition and offline detection

In highly frequented areas such as airports, railway stations, shopping centres or sports stadia, there are often large numbers of people in a single surveillance image. With advanced facial recognition technology such as the FACE software module, suspicious persons can be reliably checked and identified even in large crowds.

To do so, the software compares the surveillance images with images in a database in real time. The module is distinguished by especially accurate recognition and can easily be linked with access control systems. In that way, very strict security requirements can also be satisfied.

Facial recognition: Powerful and multifunctional


By means of face recognition, suspicious people can be clearly checked and recognised by comparing real-time video images with those that have been previously stored in a database of images. MULTIEYE Face is also usable as an offline facial recognition system that can handle up to 10 different video files simultaneously in real time.

For a multiplicity of applications

The Face-Software Module can be used for the following applications:

  • Tremendous spatial coverge at airports
  • Railway stations, bus stations
  • Terminals
  • Public squares: crime prevention, unique identification
Face recognition

Products with Face-Software Module

All IP-Cameras are equipped with the Software Module

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