HDBaseT™ –
Transmission quality in perfection

The HDBaseT™ connection standard makes it possible to transmit high-resolution multimedia signals without any loss in quality. Finally, 4K resolution continues to gain ground in everyday life, which increases the demands on the digital signage infrastructure and the transmission speed accordingly. The HDBaseT™ standard offers accurate audio and video transmission - even over long transmission distances of up to 100 meters and without data compression.

The HDBaseT™ standard: real added value

  • High resolution without delay: audio and video data up to Ultra HD (4K)
  • No quality losses: Uncompressed data transmission
  • Adjustable: Components are compatible with third-party HDBaseT™ devices
  • Cost-efficient cabling: Bundled transmission over one single network cable
  • Long distances: Transmission distance up to 100 meters possible

5Play™: 5 applications – one network cable


Describes the function of transmitting video, audio, Ethernet, control signals and power via one network cable.


Data transmission is ensured via a 100Mbit connection. This guarantees that the devices can communicate bidirectionally.


HDBaseT™ supports the transmission of all digital audio formats including Dolby Digital, Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio.

Controlling signals

Supports control signals such as RS232, infrared (IR) or IP as well as USB2.0 support for input devices like mass storage, touch screens and many more.


Transmission of uncompressed video data up to 4K. Supports all features of the HDMI™ 1.4a standard.

Power over HDBaseT™

HDBaseT™ enables power from devices up to 100W, based on the 4PPoE standard. In conjunction with HDBaseT™ this technique is called - PoH.

This is what you need for the installation of your HDBaseT™-link

The installation of a HDBaseT™-link is similar to a standard network installation

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