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Cabinet systems

The new foldable 19" wall housing

Our new foldable 19" wall housings impress with their innovativeness: Thanks to the foldable side walls, they can be set up in just a few minutes without any tools. Read more

Multifunctional frame set with various connection options

This is something special on the market: the new multi-functional frame set from EFB-Elektronik, which combines all areas of application in house and building installation in one product. Read more
Aktive Komponenten

Prepared for the future – Our Transceiver Portfolio

Optical transceiver modules are the easiest solution to extend the existing network or to connect distant networks with active network technology (like switches or media converters). EFB-Elektronik offers you a wide transceiver portfolio. Read more
Cabinet systems

EFB-Server: Server cabinets for data centres

The premium line EFB-Servers includes a high-quality system for server cabinets and the matching accessories. Due to the excellent manufacturing, the products are optimally suited for demanding requirements of complex data centres. Read more

Remote Powering for your application

With remote powering, network-capable devices may be provided with power and data services via a single Ethernet cable. When choosing components, the question of the right standard inevitably arises. There are Power over Ethernet (PoE), Power over HDBaseT (POH) and, in the future, Power over… Read more
Fiber optic

The right box for every requirement

The splice box serves as a transfer point between the fiber optic laying cable and the in-house network cabling. The fiber optic cable is spliced in the splice cassette and divided into pigtails. All common plug faces are possible, e.g. LC, SC, E2000® or ST. Read more

The Cat.8 system from EFB-Elektronik

With us you will find all Cat.8 products that you need to set up a complete Cat.8 route: From keystone and field-assembly plugs to patch cables and installation cables to installation sections and distribution panels. Read more
Fiber optic

MTP® components: Maximum performance on the smallest surface

Achieve top performance on your fiber optic link: MTP®/MPO components (Mulitpath Push-On/ Multifiber Termination Push-On) offer excellent transmission characteristics - and that in the smallest space. EFB-Elektronik offers a comprehensive portfolio with which it is possible to build the entire MTP®… Read more
Fiber optic, Copper, Cabinet systems, Multimedia

Planning and building networks

The construction of network installations presents challenges - regardless of the type of building. We support you during the planning phase with the appropriate product proposals: From copper and fiber optic components to cabinet systems and multimedia cabling. Why not benefit from prepared tender… Read more

KAPTUR© Scan solutions

With the addition of KAPTUR© products, EFB-Elektronik introduces its brand new product line: As exclusive distributor in the D-A-CH region, EFB-Elektronik offers first-class reading devices for 1D and 2D barcodes of the brand KAPTUR© for identification and data acquisition. With pre-conceived… Read more

Cabling made to the point with keystones

In a modular cabling system keystones can be precisely customized to the user’s needs. Thanks to the uniform design, all keystone modules and housings can be freely combined. In addition to RJ45 jacks, keystone modules from the fiber optic (FO) and multimedia (HDMI, USB) ranges are also available. Read more
Cabinet systems

Wall housing & perfect accessories

Small office / home office (SOHO), small installations in the industrial sector, vertical mounting or distributions in 10 "format - there are various application scenarios for wall housings. We offer you an overview of our extensive portfolio so that you can quickly and easily find the right product… Read more
Fiber optic

MTP® subracks

MTP® subracks are characterized by particularly high packing densities, which enable high performance in the smallest area for the fiber optic connections. The products are ideally suited for use in data centers, cable distributors in long-distance traffic and in floor distributors and have modular… Read more
New U-DQ Trunk Cable variants in OM3 / OM4
Fiber optic

New U-DQ Trunk Cable variants in OM3 / OM4

Available from stock: The pre-assembled trunk cable with LC connectors in the categories OM3 and OM4 for pulling into cable ducts and shafts. The cable can be delivered quickly and directly to you from our in-house production. Thanks to a function test, the quality of your product can be traced: You… Read more
Digital work - no matter where
Multimedia, Aktive Komponenten

Flexible workstations, digital conferences

Home office and video conferencing are becoming more and more important in today's world, especially in the context of the coronavirus. But not all companies are prepared to allow their employees to work from home. We offer various solutions to ensure that networking between employees and to… Read more
Aktive Komponenten

Active Technology by CTS

Discover our new brochure with selected products from the high-quality range of our partner CTS: Active Network Technology with solutions for the professional FTTX, industrial and data center sector. The focus is on further developments and technological innovations such as compact media converters,… Read more

IP67 & IP68 plug connectors - absolutely dust- and waterproof

The plug connectors of the protection class IP67 and IP68 by EFB Elektronik guarantee, thanks to the high quality make, continuous manufacturing processes in times of more and more connected machines and devices in the production sector. Read more
Cabinet systems

Cabinet Series PRO Network Cabinets and Server Racks

The network cabinets and server racks of the PRO series convince with their design philosophy: the cabinets can easily be dismounted and offer numerous, smart options to match the functionality with your own requirements. Read more
Cabinet systems

Cabinet Series OFFICE

The cabinet series OFFICE is the ideal type for small network installations, like in an office. Due to the great variety of design options, this cabinet type merges well with almost all surroundings. Read more

IP55 19“ wall housings & network cabinets – The product range for harsh environments

The 19“ network cabinets and 19“ wall housings are IP55 rated for an optimum protection against dust and splash water. With sealed doors and roofs these products are especially suitable for industrial applications and harsh environments. A special highlight is that the floor standing cabinet is… Read more
Fiber optic, Copper

Measurements for cable assemblies

With measurements for all copper and fiber optic assemblies in the EFB product portfolio, our customers can be sure that the products meet their specific requirements or the requirements of their customers. For this purpose, we offer various testing options in our own production facilities in… Read more


HDMI ports belong to the most common multimedia interfaces in the market. They are used for the transmission of audio and video contents and can be found particularly in home entertainment as well as in the AV-branch. Due to increasing technical requirements the HDMI standard is in a continuous… Read more

HDBaseT™ - Transmission quality in perfection

The HDBaseT™ connection standard makes it possible to transmit high-resolution multimedia signals without any loss in quality. Finally, 4K resolution continues to gain ground in everyday life, which increases the demands on the digital signage infrastructure and the transmission speed accordingly.… Read more
Fiber optic

FTTH networks: with Fiber to the fastest connection

FTTH (Fiber to the Home) is the cabling of optical fiber into the building where the installation of the optical fiber at the subscriber’s extension ends. EN 50700, for example, serves as the basis for network expansion. EFB-Elektronik's FTTH range offers a coordinated selection of cables,… Read more

DisplayPort: The future-proof connection cable

DisplayPort is a digital multimedia interface for audio- and video signals. Compared with HDMI connections DisplayPort has a locking mechanism. Another advantage of the DisplayPort is the high resolution of up to 8K (7680 x 4320). PC and monitor connections are the main applications. In addition to… Read more
Cabinet systems

Universal DIN rail holder 4U for 19'', wall or ceiling mounting

IT components often require to be installed in places with limited fastening/fixing possibilities. In this case the DIN rail is very helpful: from the standard DIN rail to optional products like DIN rail clips or power distribution boxes. Read more

Assortment of patch cables: better transmission quality for your network

EFB-Elektronik offer a wide range of twisted pair patch cords in many different lengths, colours or categories – from CAT 5e U/UTP to CAT 6A S/FTP. Read more
Copper, Fiber optic

Construction Products Regulation

The Construction Products Regulation serves to establish harmonised rules and standards for placing construction products on the market. Every product, no matter whether power, control or communications cables, that is permanently installed in a building comes under this Regulation. The aim of the… Read more
Fiber optic

OM5 fiber optic cabling

Up to now there were the multimode fiber types OM1 with 62,5 µm and OM2, OM3 as well as OM4 with 50 µm core diameter. These are suitable for transmission in the range of 850nm wavelength. The new optical cabling class OM5 offers a Wideband Multimode Fiber, which allows a higher range and… Read more
Cabinet systems

19'' wall housing with swivelling mounting level

The lockable 19" wall housing with its 180° swiveling 19"-level offers extremely diverse loading possibilities. In total, the housing offers 8U (height units), 3U of which are swiveling and 5U fixed. The wall housing has a very narrow design with an overall height of only 150mm. Read more

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