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EFB-Elektronik moves into a new logistics center

Due to the development of EFB-Elektronik GmbH in the area of its inventory and the expectations of the level of service that should be offered to customers, spatial changes in the area of logistics were essential: We are pleased to be able to present our new central warehouse in Herford to you.

In 2019, a lot of efforts were made to find new, suitable premises for the warehouse and quality assurance. The lease for a suitable warehouse in the Röntgenstraße industrial park (Bielefeld / Herford border area) was signed in the 4th quarter of 2019.

The new logistics center at Röntgenstraße 13 in 32052 Herford brings together several former external warehouses under one roof. The premises of the former main warehouse in Bielefeld will continue to be used. The short distance there offers many advantages:

  • Flexibility in terms of the goods to be stored and their quantities per storage location,
  • a good connection to the Bielefeld production, which has remained at the headquarters, and
  • the remaining proximity to the administrative area.

In-house transport was set up to ensure the flow of materials between the two locations.

The floor space of the new warehouse is over 6,000 square meters with a ceiling height of 10 meters. Around 9,000 pallet storage spaces and a small parts area are available here, which are specially adapted to the product portfolio. In this way, from the large network cabinet to the small plug, all items can be stored properly and space-optimized.

"With an optimized material flow and the short distances between all areas, the new premises offer us the opportunity to further optimize our internal processes and to meet customer requirements even more," says Stefanie Bühner, Head of Logistics.

A cross-departmental project team was set up within EFB for the organizational tasks of the move to the “new warehouse”. The specific warehouse and relocation planning was drawn up and implemented independently by the managers in the logistics area (department, warehouse and team management).

EFB-Elektronik moves into a new logistics center - The new logistics center: Röntgenstraße 13 in 32052 Herford, Germany

The move of the goods could already be actively started in February 2020. The entire project was completed at the end of April. Despite the difficult situation caused by the effects of the corona pandemic, the move could be carried out completely parallel to the ongoing day-to-day business.

In order to protect the health of employees in the best possible way, strict hygiene and distance rules apply across the entire site. In addition, the work in a shift system in the warehouse was changed during the relocation phase, in which contact between the two groups is avoided.

EFB-Elektronik moves into a new logistics center - New premises for the warehouse and quality assurance