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Practice-integrated fiber optic workshops in Buxtehude

The three-day fiber optic workshops at our location in Buxtehude were a complete success with 25 participants. The topics covered the basics of fiber optic technology, connector assembly and splicing, and OTDR measurement technology, with the focus on practical exercises. The course participants are made up of electrical, network and installation companies, IT system houses and a public institution.

On the first day there was an introduction to the basics of fiber optic technology. This laid the foundation for practical applications. On the second day, the participants had the opportunity to learn the basic rules of connector assembly and splicing and were then able to assemble, insert and professionally prepare a splice box. On the third day, the basics were expanded and the OTDR measurement technology explained in more detail by means of measurements and analysis. Here, too, the participants were able to gain experience by creating and analyzing measurements themselves.