Every industry sector requires a different approach

Continuous excellence – this is the standard we set for ourselves in every sector. Custom-tailored solutions from EFB-Elektronik offer you perfect technological and commercial performance in the following market segments:

Solutions in mechanical engineering, switch cabinet construction & individual assemblies

  • Machine tools / production machinery
  • Machinery for wood, plastic and building components
  • Metalworking / metal forming machinery
  • Storage and transport machinery
  • Packaging machinery

Cabling systems for obtaining energy from renewable energy sources & conventional resources

  • Wind power
  • electromobility
  • Solar power
  • Water power

Cabling systems and solutions for the transport sector

  • Rail and track industry
  • Passenger Transport
  • Shipbuilding industry, maritime sector
  • In-house transport (lifts, stairs, dispatch lines, etc.)

Cabling for medical devices and systems

  • Surgery sector
  • Medical equipment (X-ray machines, ultrasound, etc.)
  • Medical transport sector

Cable assemblies and modules for automation

  • Robotics
  • Installation machines and equipment
  • Industrial Ethernet
  • Control systems and components

Cable Systems in elevator technology, cable assemblies & cabling systems for conveyors

  • Passenger transport
  • Lifting and crane systems

Customized solutions

The EFB Industrial division offers more than just products. We accompany you from the first contact, through product development with prototype construction up to the tested series delivery, including the logistics concept. We see ourselves as a production partner with the aim of producing the best possible products, in order for you to provide your customers with excellent products.

Cable harnesses for wind turbines

In wind turbines, our products are used worldwide in large space enclosures for purposes of controlling.  The customer's requirements: Extreme ruggedness in the case of strong and continuous vibration, low weight and high elasticity, high temperature resistance and explicit durability in continuous operation. In addition, the integrated components should not only work reliably, but also be as easy to install as they are to service. The solution: Since we offer custom manufacturing and flexible delivery of special cables for wind turbines, the customer decided in favour of EFB-Elektronik after intensive inspection. Through our high-level quality assurance, excellent CAQ software, UL-certified production and differentiated audits, we have quickly been recognised as a certified supplier. – A key foundation for long-term, successful collaboration. Details about the products to be implemented: Complex cable harnesses with over 1,000 meters of cable per cable harness with diameters from 0.14 to 185 mm². Large cable sets are usually supplied in bundles of tubes of up to 100 lines. Assembled and tested at the factory.

Cable assemblies for solar technology

The cable assemblies of EFB-Elektronik have been successfully used in solar technology to generate electricity. They are used for connecting PV modules to inverters and also flow into the inverters. The customer's requirements: In general, the requirements that are placed on solar cables are considerably higher than for conventional installations for AC devices. Due to the DC application, other standards and requirements as well as customer-specific requirements apply, all of which are met. The solution: The customer decided in favour of EFB-Elektronik mainly based on the company's process security and quality assurance management. Another decisive factor was the safety of the production, which is ensured by modern automation steps. We are a UL-certified company with the certificate ISO 9001. The customer was persuaded by these, as well as by our expertise in being able to manufacture customised products quickly and flexibly.  Details about the products to be implemented: Each year, more than 1.7 million meters of cable and plug/couplings in the field of photovoltaics are processed. On average, about 160,000 meters of cable are supplied each week. The cables that are used are adapted to the specific conditions and are still reliable under extreme weather conditions.

Wire sets and cable harnesses for fuel dispensers

The cable sets and cable harnesses needed for the application were delivered by EFB-Elektronik. Different valves, pumps and other instruments were used which were connected within the system. In fuel dispensers, valves are provided for fuel pumps for which filling time and accuracy play an essential role. Depending on the type of fuel dispenser, there are different requirements placed on the cable technology that is used, for example, for controlling oil and fuel pumps and for gas re-circulation.       The solution: Our client is a specialist in the production of fuel dispensers and develops complex products. The demands on cable technology are equally high. The client controls the production processes with Kanban. Due to excellent logistics planning, EFB-Elektronik always delivers on time, even in the case of short-term requests. Details about the products to be implemented: approximately 550 different cable sets. The flexible availability of our spare parts ensure on time deliveries to our customers.

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