Convenient INFRALAN® cable connector Cat.6A/Class EA

The extension and repair of damaged cable can be very consuming and tedious if e.g. special tools must be used or space is limited in cable ducts. The INFRALAN® cable connector enables an easy and time-saving wiring without any special tools.

Product details:

  • For connectng installation cables (AWG26/1..AWG22/1) with each other or with patch cables
  • Suitable for extending and repairing installation cables
  • The INFRALAN® wire nut category 6A/class EA offers high performance for 10Gbit/s connections at minimum space requirements
  • Space-efficient thanks to its compact size
  • Thanks to its sliding, 360-degree shield-bonding
[] INFRALAN Kabelverbinder Ösen

Its integrated special eyelets allow you to install any number of connectors serially by screwing themonto any suitable surface.

Unlimited mounting options by screw attachment or serial connection

[] INFRALAN Haltepanel

The 19” support panel enables the tool-free snap-in installation of up to 24 connectors in 19” cases or on the wall.

The connectors are simply snapped into the openings in the support panel. They can be removed easily without any additional tools.

[] Montage Haltepanel

Box contents:

  • 1x connector module
  • 2x cable unscramblers (black & white)
  • 2x copper foil
  • 4x cable ties
[] INFRALAN Kabelverbinder Zubehör

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