Measurements for cable assemblies

With measurements for all copper and fiber optic assemblies in the EFB product portfolio, our customers can be sure that the products meet their specific requirements or the requirements of their customers. For this purpose, we offer various testing options in our own production facilities in Bielefeld and Sonneberg. From attenuation measurements to OTDR and interferometer measurements. A serial number on the measured cable allows a 100% traceability of the assembly. With this the customer has the proof to be able to install safely.

Suitable measuring variants for individual requirements

Attenuation measurement Processing time for e.g. 200 pieces approx. 3-5 working days + picking time

A light/current pulse is emitted by a transmitter into the fiber optic / copper cables. It Is then reduced by attenuating elements and evaluated by a receiver (power meter) which recognizes the output power as a basis.

  • Measurement of the total attenuation of the complete line

OTDR measurement Processing time for e.g. 200 pieces approx. 5 working days + picking time

A light pulse is emitted into the glass fiber, which is permanently backscattered. Based on the measurement curve, damping/reflecting events can be displayed:

  • Measurement of the total attenuation of the entire line or of individual sections
  • Determination of effects, such as damping, generated by connectors or splices
  • Reliable detection of the distance to faults, the end of the fiber or to elements integrated in the line (splices, connectors, etc.)

Interferometer measurement Processing time for e.g. 200 pieces approx. 3 working days + picking time

A three-dimensional measurement of the connector geometry with subsequent evaluation relating to the respective standardization.

Measurement of the different connector types:

  • Increased attenuation is detected
  • Over- or undersanding of polish becomes visible

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attenuation measurement fiber
especially patch cords

Quality inspection
of the
transmission quality

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OTDR measurement
especially assembled installation goods

Attenuation measurement,
with localization
of the attenuation

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interferometer measurement
Pre-assembled goods

3D measurement
of a

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attenuation measurement copper pre-assembled patch cables

Attenuation measurement with more specific values

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Measuring instruments for own tests

We offer measuring instruments for all measuring variants that have been specially developed and optimized for installers and operators of corporate networks. Measurements, documentation and fault identification can be carried out by yourself.

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