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Great variety of TV and monitor mounts

Our extensive assortment for your professional equipment

It is a real challenge to find the perfect mount for the monitor – in conference rooms, offices or digital home offices alike.
Visit our online shop and find a great selection of high quality TV and monitor mounts in various state-of-the-art designs from our TECHLY® brand. Additional added value: Our products allow for very easy and flexible installation.
As an expert in network technology and industrial system solutions, we also always offer technical consultation and customized solutions upon request. Don't wait – talk to your personal EFB representative!
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Item no. ICA-CPLB-922L

Telescopic universal ceiling support for 1 LED LCD TV 23"- 42", long arm

Item no. ICA-MS-461E

Universal glass stand, 580 x 210 x 130 mm

Item no. ICA-TR35

TV Trolley for 32"-65" LED/LCD TVs, with shelf, black

Item no. ICA-CPLB-906

Telescopic ceiling mount for LED LCD, 23-37"

Item no. ICA-PLB-490

Wall support for LCD TV LED 43" - 80" , 1015mm wall distance, black

Item no. ICA-PLB-132L2

Wall bracket for LCD TV LED 40"-65" ,Ultra slim fix, black

Item no. ICA-MS-481

LCD / Laptop desk stand, black, 370 x 235 x 120 mm

Item no. ICA-PLB-147XL

Wall bracket for LCD TV LED 42"-70" Full Motion Dual Arm, black

Item no. ICA-PM-100BK

Universal ceiling bracket for projector, black

Item no. ICA-LCD-113-BK

Wall support for LCD TV LED 17"-37" with tilt, black

Item no. ICA-TR8

Trolley floor support for LCD LED TV 32 - 70" with 2 shelves

Item no. ICA-LCD-114WH

Wall support for LCD TV LED 13"-37", white

Item no. ICA-PLB-V64T

Portrait Tiltable Wall Mount for 40-55" TV LED LCD

Item no. ICA-LCD-2900WH

Wall support for LCD TV LED 19" - 37" with tilt White

Item no. ICA-PM-104MW

Professional ceiling bracket for projector, 50-77cm ceiling, white

Item no. ICA-PLB-139L

Wall support for LCD TV LED 40" - 65" with spacers, fixed black

Item no. ICA-PLB-114M

Wall bracket for 1 LCD TV LED 23"-55", Ultra Slim, wall distance: 22mm, black

Item no. ICA-PM-16

Wall-/Ceiling Support for projectors, extendable 43-65cm

Item no. ICA-LCD-114

Wall support for LCD TV LED 13" - 37" black

Item no. ICA-PLB-161XL

Fixed Wall Bracket LCD LED TV 42-80"

Item no. ICA-TR34

Floor Stand for LCD LED TV 45-55''

Item no. ICA-PLB-860

Wall support for LCD TV LED 42" - 80" slim fixed H600mm

Item no. ICA-PLB-133MTY

Wall bracket for 1 LCD TV LED 23"-55", tiltable, black

Item no. ICA-PM-18S

Ceiling bracket for projector, 38-58cm, silver