U-DQ trunk cable in Singlemode / OM3 / OM4 available from stock

Available from stock: The pre-assembled trunk cable with LC or SC connectors in the categories OM3, OM4 or Singlemode for pulling into cable ducts and shafts. The cable will be delivered quickly and thanks to a quality test, the grade of your product can be traced: You receive the test report (RL and IL) for each individual cable.
In combination with a assembled breakoutbox, you can install fiber optic cabling in just a few steps. We show you how it's done.

Save at time & effort - not at quality


Standard lengths up to 200 m in 10 m steps in standard quantities available from stock

Reduction of installation costs & -time

No splicing and assembly equipment required thanks to ready-to-install cables


Cable with serial no. & measurement protocol
(in case of loss traceable at EFB-Elektronik with the serial no.)

Three simple steps to the finished installation

With the help of our pre-assembled trunk cables and assembled breakout boxes, a complete fiber optic cabling system can be installed with little effort. No special tools are required for this Plug and Play method. We show you the installation in three simple steps.

1. Attach the trunk cable to the breakoutbox using cable ties. The insertion can be fixed variably at any point on the rear side.

2. Stow the excess lengths in the box.

3. Clean connectors and adapters. Then connect the adapters of the trunk cable to the adapters of the breakout box.


Product features: All details at a glance

Technical specifications

  • 4, 8 or 12 fibers per cable
  • Fiber class: Singlemode, OM3 or OM4
  • Double-sided assembled stepped cable whips
  • Identification of each individual fiber cable with cable markers (numbers)
  • Serial number on the cable


  • Delivery with fabric hose as drawing-in tube on both sides
  • Delivery up to 40 m in polybag, from 50 m on disposable drum

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Suitable for this: Partially assembled breakoutboxes

  • Partially assembled Breakout box equipped with LC duplex adapters
  • OS2 / OM3 / OM4
  • Front panel screwed and adapters inserted

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