19'' wall housing with swivelling mounting level

The lockable 19" wall housing with its 180° swiveling 19"-level offers extremely diverse application possibilities. In total, the housing offers 8U (height units), 3U of which are swiveling and 5U fixed. The wall housing has a very narrow design with an overall height of only 150mm. Cables can be fed flexibly through the cable entries on side and back. The wall housing is available in 3 different colour variants (grey, black, white) and thus adapts itself ideally to the operating environment

Product advantages

  • Diverse loading possibilities: despite the small space requirement, devices up to max. 360 mm depth are mountable
  • Excellent for cramped areas thanks to the space-saving design (wall raising only 150 mm)
  • Available in different colour variants – grey/black/white
  • Flexible through cable entries on rear and side
691703V8537 mm475 mm30 kgRAL7035, light grey
691703VTS8537 mm475 mm30 kgRAL9005, jet black
691703VWS8537 mm475 mm30 kgRAL9010, pure white

Technical data sheet

Product features

  • Steel sheet housing for wall mounting, completely pre-assembled, self-ventilated
  • 3U for vertical mounting of 19“components, 3U level 180° swivelling, mounting depth up to 360 mm
  • 5U additional for horizontal mounting of 19“components, max. depth 80 mm
  • Cover with window, hinged and lockable, for simple access during the installation
  • Pre-punched ventilation openings in housing
  • Included in delivery: completely pre-assembled housing, keys

Loading possibilities

Example 1

3U level adjusted horizontally:
Mounting depth up to 360mm usable,
allows installation of devices with high mounting depth

Example 2

3U level angled:
Mounting depth up to 140mm usable,
additional U at rear

 Further loading possibilities to be seen on the data sheet.

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