• Robin Ohle, Managing Director, CEO

    EFB-Elektronik is a matter of the heart

  • Robin Ohle, Managing Director, CEO

    EFB-Elektronik is a matter of the heart

"Our team sticks together and above all wants to support our customers in the best possible way. This is how we create personal relationships, some of which last for decades, and a genuine basis of trust. Our customers appreciate that we provide them with personal and goal-oriented advice, are more accommodating than average, and don't give up even when faced with complex challenges. And we do this in an amiable and down-to-earth way."

Robin Ohle, Managing Director at EFB-Elektronik

Robin Ohle has been managing director of EFB-Elektronik since 2015.
In 2000, EFB-Elektronik responded to his job application and offered him a position in financial management. The father of two originally came from a commercial background with a focus on IT, but had already spent a large part of his career in finance and accounting at that time - so the area of responsibility offered was a good fit for him. Since the Herford native also found the company extremely appealing, he was happy to accept the challenge.

He continuously developed the finance area and, among other things, also accompanied the sale of the company to the TKH Group. After nine years with the company, he finally expanded his field of activity as the new commercial manager to include areas such as human resources, IT and management systems, until he was ultimately given the opportunity to take over the position as managing director in 2015.

Success factors at EFB-Elektronik

With their passion and proximity to customers, our employees are a key factor in our success. Many of them have been with us for years or even decades and make a decisive contribution to the success of our company, not least because of their high level of consulting expertise, which we continuously promote.

However, our
high availability of goods, which is often decisive for our customers' purchases, is also very important. Our warehouses are always well stocked so that we can supply our customers reliably and on time even in the event of supply bottlenecks. And this is "despite" our very broad portfolio, which in itself represents another important success factor and sets us apart from competitors.

own production facilities also create flexibility in terms of special requests.
Last but not least, our
diverse and solid partnerships also contribute to our success: First and foremost, the strong backing of the TKH Group. But also our suppliers and logistics partners, with whom we have been working in a trusting relationship, in some cases for many years. Our financial strength also contributes to the reliability of our company vis-à-vis them - and is thus certainly another important success factor.

Focus on solutions for the industry

With us you can not only order online. Our customers always receive personal and competent advice from a fixed contact person.

Not least because of our long-standing partnerships, our sales team always knows exactly where the goods come from. This also plays an essential role under quality assurance points; our quality controls are sharp.

In addition, our own manufacturing facilities and logistics set us significantly apart from other competitors.
Down-to-earth, kind, solution-oriented.
That's EFB-Elektronik from my point of view.
Digitization and sustainability - both topics must play a role for all companies!
Sustainability and energy efficiency are top priorities for us.
In digitization, our company is primarily concerned with facilitating processes within the company and with customers. This ranges from our digital product catalog and digital document archiving to our new intelligent online presence and current digitization projects in logistics. Sustainability and energy efficiency are also top priorities for us. After all, we only have this one planet. That's why we are driving forward corresponding projects and investing. The focus is on independence from fossil fuels and new heating solutions. But even seemingly small things like LED lighting or motion sensors play a role. As far as product sustainability is concerned, we are focusing on aspects that we can influence, such as optimizing and reducing packaging or optimizing transport balances. We are also working on building up our own e-fleet and are initiating e-bike leasing offers, for example.

Take a breath - find solutions

Thanks to loyalty and heart blood, our staff has always managed to face difficult tasks and situations with creativity and a tackling mentality.
Solution orientation inspires me just as much as destructiveness does the opposite. When I see that my colleagues are enthusiastic and passionate about their work, I also gain strength for my own role.
Of course, a major contribution to recharging my batteries also comes from my private life. I like to travel: from family vacations by the sea to individual trips in Asia, I do it all. My big goal:
Mount Everest. In general, I spend a lot of time in the fresh air and like to hike - as a dog lover, preferably in four-legged company.
All these activities help me to take a step back and create a balance. Even if one or two weekends have certainly been "wasted" on work. Ultimately, however, the balance between work and free time has to be right for me in order to stay productive in the long term.

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