FTTx – optical fiber for the fastest connection

FTTx, fiber to the x, refers to the fiber optic connection up to the building, up to the router or even up to the work desk. EFB-Elektronik offers you the components as well as consulting and comprehensive system solutions for setting up your own FTTx network.

FTTx network architectures: FTTH, FTTB, FTTD & FTTC

We offer four different types of FTTx transmission equipment:
Grafik wie Fasern bis zum Haus verlegt werden - EFB Elektronik

(Fiber to the Home)

Fiber optic lines to the router of the home or company. 

(Fiber to the Building)

Fiber optic building connection to a distributor in the basement. (Within the building via existing copper cable.)

(Fiber to the Desk)

Complete connection with fiber optic cables directly to the workstation.

(Fiber to the Cabinet / Curb)

Also known as VDSL: The fiber optic network extends to the public distributor out on the street. From there, data transmission is carried by the existing copper network.
The closer the fiber optic network extends to the end device, the faster the transmission speed. However, this also means more work and higher costs. FTTH offers an excellent balance of highspeed internet and cost-effective allocation of resources, making it one of the most popular options for network expansion.

FTTH: Fiber to the home or company premises

FTTH (Fiber to the Home) means running fiber optic cabling to the building, where the fiber optic installation ends at the subscriber connection. This can be done based on EN 50700, for example, to expand the FTTH network. At EFB-Elektronik, we offer a selection of precisely coordinated FTTH equipment: Fiber optic cable, jointing sleeves, small distribution boards, installation accessories and CPE for the implementation of local FTTH projects. 
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Let's build something together: FTTx consulting from EFB-Elektronik

As part of our comprehensive service, we support you throughout your entire project. The focus, particularly in FTTH networks, is on the connections from the curbside junction boxes to the building (NE3 to NE5). We assist you with your   FTTx planning not only by offering you the right components but also by directly providing you with the corresponding tender documents. Our seasoned specialist engineers are available to advise you throughout your FTTx project. We also share our expertise with you and your team through fiber optic workshops and free webinars on network technology. Together, we can design an FTTx connection to match your purposes and requirements.

FTTx systems & solutions: from the curbside junction box to the building

Beispiel Verkabelung im Haus - EFB Elektronik

For FTTx networks from the curbside junction box, we offer complete system solutions based on our extensive experience as a cabling specialist. We have a wide range of components for home connections (outdoors) with an  IP rating of IP65 in various sizes and with various numbers of ports.

For installations in buildings, we offer the right IP20-rated products and products for network termination. Components for the expansion of existing buildings have been integrated into our portfolio using top-hat rail systems. In addition, the pre-equipped boxes and adapters are fitted with IT-T G.657.A2 fibers. The installation cables specially offered for FTTx purposes all comply with the standard ITU-T G.657.A2 and are classed in the European fire protection classifications for indoor use in accordance with the Construction Product Ordinance.

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Tender documents for FTTH planning

Brochure for fiber-to-the-home-networks

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