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High data rates without switching to fiber optics: The Cat.8 system makes it possible. EFB-Elektronik offers all components for modern Cat.8 connections and a lot of expertise for a successful application.

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The Cat.8 system from EFB-Elektronik for the perfect link setup

We provide you with all Cat.8 components for a complete cabling route. From Cat.8 patch cables, installation cables and keystones to field installable connectors, installation links and distribution panels. With the Cat.8.1 (CLASS 1) standard, you can achieve speeds of up to 40 gigabits per second (Gbps) on cable runs up to 30 meters. The Cat.8 cables achieve maximum operating frequencies of 2,000 MHz. This means that existing copper infrastructures can continue to be used- without costly conversion to fiber optics. Cat.8 can be used in the rack interconnect area as well as in the backbone area or for connecting floor distributors

Why choose Cat.8?

High speed of up to 40 gigabits per second (Gbit/s)
Future-proof and prepared for the requirements for the next 10 years
Power over Ethernet (PoE) possible at 25 Gbit/s
Fully compatible with existing installations and components

Cat.8 link establishment

Channel link

The Cat.8 transmission path may contain a maximum of 2 plug connections (2-Connector Channel). The maximum length of the transmission path is 30m:
  • 26m cabling section (installation cable)
  • 2m patch / jumper cables at both ends

Direct Connect (End to End)

"Direct Connect" (also End to End Link) represents the connection of the installation cable via field- assembly plugs directly to the switch without sockets. The maximum length of the transmission path is 30m.

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Certifications for maximum reliability
Cat.8 transmission paths from EFB-Elektronik are certified. So you and your customers can be sure you're getting top-quality products.
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Complete CAT.8 product portfolio – available at your fingertips
All Cat.8 products are in stock and available for immediate delivery. The sophisticated EFB-Elektronik Cat.8 system lets you set up entire link paths.
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Tender documents for planning All our tender documents are available in German and English (in the shop, with each article). All you have to do is plug these texts into your tenders.
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What is a Cat.8 cable?

A Cat.8 cable is a typical S/FTP (Screened Foiled Twisted Pair) cable with 4 twisted pairs that are each wrapped in foil. All the pairs are additionally shielded with woven mesh and protected from electromagnetic interference.

How long can a Cat.8 cable connection be?

The maximum transmission path is 30m. There are three possible alternatives:. This makes Cat.8 particularly suitable for data centers. In structured building cabling, significantly longer network cables and distances are usually required. There are three options for combining Cat.8 installation cables and network cables or connectors:
  1. Long Channel: Using a 26m installation cable and 2m patch cable at each end
  2. Short Channel: Using a 5m installation cable and 2m patch cable at each end
  3. Direct Connect: Using a 30m installation cable and two plug connectors that can be easily assembled without special tools

What is the difference between Cat.8.1 and Cat.8.2?

While Cat.8.1 cables use conventional RJ45 connectors, Cat.8.2 cables are designed for use with various plugs such as RJ45 or GG45.

Discover now: All Cat.8 products from one source at EFB-Elektronik

Item no. K5528SW.3

RJ45 Patch cable S/FTP, Cat.8.1, BC, LSZH, 3m, black
Length: 3.0 m

Item no. K5528BL.2

RJ45 Patch cable S/FTP, Cat.8.1, BC, LSZH, 2m, blue
Length: 2.0 m

Item no. 99827.500

UC FUTURE C22 Cat.8.2 S/FTP 4P 2GHz,LSHF-FR 500m
Colour outer sheath: yellow
Length: 500.0 m
Number of cores: 8
RAL colour: RAL1021

Item no. K5528GN.3

RJ45 Patch cable S/FTP, Cat.8.1, BC, LSZH, 3m, green
Length: 3.0 m

Item no. K5528RT.10

RJ45 Patch cable S/FTP, Cat.8.1, BC, LSZH, 10m, red
Length: 10.0 m

Item no. K5528GR.10

RJ45 Patch cable S/FTP, Cat.8.1, BC, LSZH, 10m, grey
Length: 10.0 m

Item no. K5528GE.1

RJ45 Patch cable S/FTP, Cat.8.1, BC, LSZH, 1m, yellow
Length: 1.0 m

Item no. 88035.2

Field installable connector, RJ45 Cat.8 Class 1 AWG22 - 27, zinc alloy
Colour: silver
Transparent: False

Item no. K9210.50

Cat.8.1/Class I Installation link 50m, on cable drum
Length: 50.0 m

Item no. K9211.25

Cat.8.1/Class I Extension 25m, on cable drum
Colour outher sheath: gelb
Length: 25.0 m

Item no. E-20092

RJ45 Keystone STP, Cat.8 Class 1, 2000MHz
Colour: silver

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