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Item no. MK7101.1-CPR

LAN Cat.7 1000 AWG 23 S/FTP,4P, CPR Dca, orange
Colour outer sheath: orange
Length: 1.0 m
Number of cores: 8
RAL colour: RAL2003

Item no. 53100.32

Crimp arc splice protection, Telekom approved
Item Package Quantity: 1
Model: crimp splice protection

Item no. 37508.1V3

Keystone Snap-In Adapter RJ45 F/F STP, Cat.5e, Stainless Steel
Screened: True

Item no. E-200100

RJ45 Keystone Slimline, Cat.6A, zinc alloy, 10GE
Colour: silver

Item no. 33904.1

Jumper, EKSP/G, open black, 100pu
Colour: Black
Modular spacing: 2.54 mm
Mounting method: Pluggable

Item no. MK7100.1-CPR

INFRALAN® Cat.7A 1200 AWG22, S/FTP 4P CPR B2ca orange RAL 2003
Colour outer sheath: orange
Length: 1.0 m
Number of cores: 8
RAL colour: RAL2003


attach 2 wrap label, on both sides
Quantity: 1
Service Type: Post processing costs

Item no. K5228SW.1,8V2

USB2.0 Connection Cable A-Micro-B 5pol., M-M, 1.8m, black, Classic
Colour: black
Length: 1.8 m

Item no. E-20093

RJ45 Shortbody Keystone STP, Cat.6A 500MHz with internal shutter
Colour: silver

Item no. 71502.1

Ring core ferrite 5.0mm, black round type
max. Cable diameter: 5.0 mm

Item no. ET-25111K

Keystone Frame Set 2-Port, for Keystones, design capable TAE
Colour: aluminium

Item no. ET-25168

Keystone Distribution box surface mounting, 2-Port, dust protection self-closing
Suitable for number of connectors: 2

Item no. EK492.1,8V2

Power Cable China Type I - C13 180°, Black, 1.8 m, 3 x 0.75 mm²
Colour outer sheath: black
Length: 1.8 m

Item no. 56324.2OS2-CPR

INFRALAN® I-B(ZN)BH OS2 24E (2x12) B2ca 3000N LSZH yellow 8.3mm G657A1
Construct: 24E ( 2 x 12 ) Singlemode G.657.A1

Item no. 33907.1

Jumper, EKS/G, closed black, 100pu
Colour: black
Typ: EKS/G black, open

Item no. 37527.1

Modular-Adapter RJ45 STP, Cat.6A, with flange for wall mounting
Screened: True

Item no. 71503.1

Ring core ferrite 6.5mm, black square type
max. Cable diameter: 6.5 mm

Item no. 56312.1OS2-CPR

INFRALAN® I-B(ZN)BH OS2 12E (1x12) B2ca 1500N LSZH yellow 6.5mm G657A1
Construct: 12E ( 1 x 12 ) Singlemode G.657.A1

Item no. EK501.3V2

Power Cable CEE7/7 90° - C13 180°, Grey, 3 m, 3 x 1.00 mm²
Colour outer sheath: grey
Length: 3.0 m
With protective conductor: Ja

Item no. K5564SW.2V2

DisplayPort/HDMI Cable Full HD, A-A M-M, 2m, black
Colour: black
Length: 2.0 m

Item no. K8017.3

RJ45 Patch Cord Cat.5e SF/UTP LSZH Draka UC300 TM11 grey 3m
Length: 3.0 m

Item no. ET-25090K

UAE mounting frame for 2x Keystone Module, slimline, design capable

Item no. 71512.1

Flat Core Ferrite 18,9x12x6,5
Width: 18.9 mm

Item no. ET-25179V2

Floor tank holder 3 x for 9 Keystones
Number of module slots: 9