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Adaptor plugs are often the solution to adapt mains cables or power packs to different devices.
Visit our online shop and find a wide assortment of power adaptors and power packs of professional quality for a wide variety of purposes and devices: e.g. with Schuko plugs or IEC connectors, C13, C8, C6, and power packs for DIN rail mounting or DC wall warts for active devices.
As an expert in network technology and industrial system solutions, we also offer you special solutions upon request, or technical consultation. Feel free to contact your personal EFB representative at any time.
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Item no. EB515

Power Adapter IEC C14 to IEC C5, C14 Male - Mickey Mouse

Item no. EB515.3

Mains adapter IEC C6 to IEC C7, Mickey Mouse plug - Euro 8 socket

Item no. EB515.2

Power Adapter IEC C14 - IEC C7, Cold Device Plug - Euro 8 Jack

Item no. EB515.6

Mains adapter CEE7/7 to IEC C13, earthing contact plug - mains socket

Item no. EB515.7

Mains adapter CEE7/7 to IEC C13 90°, earthing contact plug - IEC socket

Item no. EB515.8

Mains Adapter CEE7/16 to IEC C7, Euro Plug - Euro 8 Socket

Item no. EB515.5

Mains adapter IEC C20 to CEE7/3, IEC plug - protective contact socket