Fiber optic cleaning and tools

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According to IEC 14763-3, fiber optic transmission lines must be cleaned and inspected before use or measurement. High-quality materials and tools ensure thorough cleaning of the sensitive fiber optic connectors, including all components.
Visit our online shop and find a wide range of cleaning materials and tools, designed especially for use within the fiber optics sector. They are characterised by the relevant fine tolerances and the use of specific (raw) materials. Discover our high quality products today!
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Item no. 53930.1

Epoxy Resin, light 353 4g, 2-component adhesiv
Model: Epoxy resin, light 353

Item no. 39843.2

Professional Fiber Optic Tool Case
Model: Tools, Cleaning- and Inspection Case

Item no. 39961.1

Cleaner "FCT-C410" for FO Connector
Model: Reel Cleaner

Item no. 39962.2

Reel Cleaner for Fiber connector with 2,5mm or 1,25mm ferrule
Model: Reel Cleaner

Item no. 39976.1

Stick Cleaner 2.50mm packing unit 10 pcs.
Model: Stick Cleaner for 2.5 mm connector

Item no. 39989.5

Ferrule cleaner for E2000®, SC, FC, ST with 2.5 mm ferrule
Model: Ferrule cleaner for E2000, SC, FC and ST plugs with 2.5 mm Ferrule

Item no. 39900.3

Cable Stripping Tool for cable, 3,5mm - 9mm
Strip range diameter: 3.5 – mm

Item no. 39902.1

Miller® Kevlar Cutter FOKC
Model: Miller® F0KC

Item no. 80362.2-10

FO marking strips " Warnung vor Laserstrahlung", PU 10
Model: Marking „Warnung vor Laserstrahlung"

Item no. 39989.2

Ferrule Cleaner for LC, MU for PC & APC 1.25mm ferrule
Model: Ferrule cleaner for MU and LC plugs for 1.25 mm ferrules

Item no. 39903.1

Kevlar®-Cutting tool KS-1, 140 mm
Model: Kevlar® scissor, micro serrated blade

Item no. 39920.2

Alcohol dispenser without content
Model: Alcohol dispenser, 50ml

Item no. 39922.1

Miller CFS-2 stripping tool Dual-Hole,140 µm
Model: Miller® Tool CFS-2 “Dual-Hole”

Item no. 39923.1V2

Stripping tool for 180 µm - 330 µm primary coating
Model: Stripping tool 180μm - 330μm

Item no. 39923.2

Stripping tool, 600 µm - 1100 µm stripping the secundary coatings
Model: Stripping tool 600μm - 1100μm

Item no. 39900.1

Cable Stripping Tool Miller® RCS-114
Model: Miller® RCS-114

Item no. 39953.1

Insertion - Extraction Tool, IET Zange, LC and SC
Model: Extraction tool SC and LC

Item no. 39964.1

Fiber Optic Scribe Ceramic

Item no. 399910.2

Adapter for POF to 1.5 mm and 2.2 mm
Model: other
Suitable for: Fiber Optic

Item no. 39842.1

Fiber Optic Basic Cleaning & Inspection Kit
Model: Cleaning Set

Item no. 39915.1

Miller stripping tool WS 5 for stripping from 0.6-2.6 mm
Model: Miller® Stripper WS 5, stripping range of 0.8mm up to 2.6 mm

Item no. 39926.1

Miller® Fiber Cleaning Tapes
Model: 25 Miller® Fiber Cleaning Tapes

Item no. 39989.6

Ferrule-Cleaner for LC-Duplex PC/APC
Model: Ferrule cleaner for LC Duplex Connector and Jack

Item no. 39990.1

Fiber Checker 3000 for SM and MM 2.5mm Ferrules
Model: Light Source
Suitable for: Fiber Optic