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Item no. EB515

Power Adapter IEC C14 to IEC C5, C14 Male - Mickey Mouse

Item no. EB515.3

Mains adapter IEC C6 to IEC C7, Mickey Mouse plug - Euro 8 socket

Item no. EB515.2

Power Adapter IEC C14 - IEC C7, Cold Device Plug - Euro 8 Jack

Item no. EB515.6

Mains adapter CEE7/7 to IEC C13, earthing contact plug - mains socket

Item no. EB515.7

Mains adapter CEE7/7 to IEC C13 90°, earthing contact plug - IEC socket

Item no. EB515.8

Mains Adapter CEE7/16 to IEC C7, Euro Plug - Euro 8 Socket

Item no. EB515.5

Mains adapter IEC C20 to CEE7/3, IEC plug - protective contact socket