Telecom equipment & LSA-Plus IDC connectors

Expansive selection of telecommunication cables & insulation-displacement connectors

In the field of telecommunications technology, the renowned twisted pair technology is the gold standard for reliability. It's the IDC connection that stands out – a solderless, screwless and stripping-free method that guarantees a quick and secure link between twisted pairs and other telecom components. 
Discover our curated selection of telecom equipment and insulation-displacement technology, featuring the cutting-edge LSA-Plus system: LSA+ connection boxes and modules, disconnection modules, cables, surge protection, adapters, accessories and tools. Explore the professional range of our online shop.
As an experienced specialist, we are also available at any time to provide you with expert advice as well as customised solutions and cable assemblies. Please get in touch with your personal sales representative! Learn more.
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Item no. K2422.2

Modular Cable RJ45 (8/4) - RJ45 (8/4), Moulded, Black, 2 m
Length: 2.0 m

Item no. 46009.1

Hinged Label Holder 2/10
Suitable for number of cores: 10

Item no. K2404SW.3

Modular Cable RJ12 (6/6) / RJ12 (6/6), 1:1, Black, 3 m
Length: 3.0 m

Item no. K2407SW.1

Modular cable RJ45-RJ 45 (8/8) 1:1, 1,0m
Length: 1.0 m

Item no. 46005.1

LSA Disconnection Module 2/10 10pairs w/o Colour Code
With colour code: False

Item no. 46006.1

LSA Connection Module 2/10 10pairs w/o Colour Code
With colour code: False

Item no. 46085.1

LSA Adapter Disc. Module 10 pairs / Screw Terminals
With colour code: False

Item no. K5122.015

T-Adapter Cat.5e 2 x 10/100BaseT for Cable Sharing
Category: 5E
Connection: RJ45 8(8)
Output 1: 10/100 BT
Output 2: 10/100 BT

Item no. 46001.2

LSA-connection module 1/10 10pairs
With colour code: False

Item no. 46142.1

LSA Overvoltage Arrester 8x6 / 90 V / 10 kA
Frequency: 3 – Hz
Nominal discharge surge current (8/20): 10 kA
Nominal load current: 10000 A
Nominal voltage AC: 90.0 – V

Item no. K5126.015

T-Adapter Cat.6 2x10/100BaseT for Cable Sharing
Category: 6
Connection: RJ45 8(8)
Output 1: 10/100 BT
Output 2: 10/100 BT

Item no. 46001.1V2

LSA-connection module 1/20 20pairs
With colour code: False

Item no. 46053.1

LSA-Minibox 201C 20pairs WxHxD = 120 x 170 x 42 mm
Max. number of dual cores: 20
Type: LSA Mini Box 201C 20DA

Item no. K5125.015

T-Adapter 1:1 parallel
Category: 3
Connection: RJ45 8(8)
Output 1: ISDN/Token ring/telephone
Output 2: other

Item no. 37588.1

Patch Panel 25 x RJ45 8/4 1U ISDN, RAL7035, Cat. 3
Colour: grey
Number of buses/couplings: 25
RAL-number: 7035

Item no. 46147.1

LSA Overvoltage Arrester 8x13 / 230 V / 10 kA + FailSafe
Frequency: 3 Hz
Nominal discharge surge current (8/20): 10 kA
Nominal load current: 10000 A
Nominal voltage AC: 250 V

Item no. K5123.015

T-Adapter Cat.5e 10/100BaseT / ISDN
Category: 5E
Connection: RJ45 8(8)
Output 1: 10/100 BT
Output 2: 10/100 BT

Item no. 46154.1

Disconnection Plug 1pair Red
Colour: red
Number of double cores: 1

Item no. K2406SW.3

Modular Cable RJ12 (6/6) - RJ45 (8/8), 3 m
Length: 3.0 m

Item no. 46025.1

Box II for 50pairs with Latch
Max. number of dual cores: 50
Type: Box II 50pairs with latch

Item no. 46141.1

LSA Overvoltage Protection Magazine 2/10 10pairs 8x13
Type: LSA-overvoltage predection magazine 2/10 10pairs 8x13
Voltage protection level core/core: - V

Item no. K2413SW.1

Modular cable black 2 x RJ11 (6/4) Plug, 1:1, 1,0m
Length: 1.0 m

Item no. 46008.1

Modular Label Holder 2/10
Suitable for number of cores: 10

Item no. 46007.1

LSA Earth Module 2/38 38-pole
With colour code: False

What is an insulation-displacement connector? What is the difference between IDC, LSA and LSA+?

An IDC connection refers to a solderless, screwless and stripping-free connection technology that is used for connecting communication cables in telephone and data technology. The LSA-Plus system is the common European alternative to 110 block. 
The connection is made with LSA connection modules. The punch-down blocks are equipped with a series of slots into which the individual wires of the telecommunication cable are inserted and secured with a special insertion tool, the LSA tool. The tool presses the wire into the slot and a contact blade edge cuts through the insulation, creating a metallic connection to the wire while cutting off the excess wire. This technology is widely used in the telecommunications industry due to its simplicity, reliability and the ability to make connections quickly and without specialised knowledge. 
LSA+ or LSA-Plus is a further development of IDC technology. The most important difference is the angle of the insulation displacement connectors to the cable. With IDC connectors and original LSA modules, the insulation displacement connector is at an angle of 90° to the cable, with LSA-Plus it is 45°. The inclined position of the LSA+ connection creates a kind of suspension that improves the contact. EFB-Elektronik always supplies LSA and IDC connectors with the improved LSA-Plus technology.  
IDC connections can be found in various environments, including:
  • Patch panels in network cabinets
  • Main distribution frames (main distributors) in telecommunications facilities
  • Sub-distribution boards in building cabling
  • Junction boxes and surface-mounted or flush-mounted distributors in the field of building automation

Telecom equipment for IDC connections – ready to order from EFB-Elektronik

In the field of telecom equipment, EFB-Elektronik offers you a comprehensive range of modular cables, IDC cables and connection and disconnection modules as well as junction boxes and distributors and other accessories. 
LSA connection modules: LSA connection modules are the actual connectors within IDC systems on which the individual cable cores are laid. 
LSA disconnection modules: LSA disconnection modules are a special type of connection block used in cabling technology to enable a separating function between two cabling areas. By opening or removing the separator, a physical and electrical separation can be created between the two sides of the strip. This is particularly useful for testing, troubleshooting and maintenance work, as it allows individual cable segments to be isolated without dismantling the cabling.
LSA boxes & distributors: LSA boxes contain multiple IDC modules and are used in a variety of environments, from small office networks to large telecom distribution systems. They provide a reliable and easy-to-maintain interface between the field cabling and the technical equipment. In the EFB-Elektronik online shop, you buy unequipped LSA connection boxes and distributors in various sizes for 20 to 200 twin wires. We also have wall-mounted and floor-standing distribution cabinets for 300 to 1800 wire pairs in stock. 
IDC cables: We offer LSA connection wires with 2, 4 or 6 cores and four-core modular flat cables in 100 metre rolls permanently in stock. We also offer LSA patch cables with RJ45 connectors as well as test and connection cords with other connector types. We manufacture customised LSA cables for you in our cable assembly department. 
LSA overvoltage protection: LSA overvoltage protection is used to protect sensitive devices and systems from overvoltages. These can be caused by lightning strikes, switching operations in the power grid or other sources of interference. Such surges can damage or even destroy the connected devices if they are not adequately intercepted. Our online shop therefore offers you high-quality and reliable overvoltage arresters and overvoltage protection magazines for your IDC connection.

Telecommunications equipment & modular cables

In addition to LSA components, EFB-Elektronik also offers telecom equipment such as RJ modular cables, adapters and ISDN patch panels for fast and reliable telecommunication connections:
Adapters: Cat.3, Cat.5e and Cat.6 T-adapters as well as ISDN adapters and multiport adapters for cable sharing with 2, 4, 5 or 8 sockets for RJ45 plugs 
ISDN patch panels: ISDN patch panels with 25 or 50 sockets
Telecom cables: Modular cables with RJ45 connectors on both sides and different numbers of cores in lengths of 1 metre, 1.5 metres, 2 metres or 3 metres

EFB-Elektronik, your partner for LSA connection & telecommunication equipment

As a specialist in data network technology and copper cabling, EFB-Elektronik offers a comprehensive product portfolio in the field of IDC connection and telecom equipment. In addition to the range in our online shop, we will be happy to procure additional modules, cable lengths and types for you or manufacture them especially for you according to your specifications. Our engineers are on hand to provide expert advice and recommend the best components for your systems. The accumulated expertise from the areas of installation, specialised trade, wholesale and industry is at your disposal. We are looking forward to assisting you with the realisation of your project!