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The use of classic serial data interfaces as popular as ever. In addition, serial connections have also proven their worth. Using the proper cables and connectors ensures flawless and safe operation.
For this purpose, visit our online shop and find a wide range of serial and parallel cables & adaptors: from D-sub variants with different numbers of pins to coax and BNC products. Check out our high quality products and selected brands today!
In addition, feel free to take advantage of a free technical consultation. A a long-standing specialist in structured cabling systems, we provide our clients with individual consultations and customized solutions. Feel free to contact your personal EFB representative regarding your enquiries at any time!
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Item no. EK560.030V2

IBM-PS/2 Mouse/Keyboard Adapter

Item no. K8300.1V2

Coax C. RG58 2x Plugs straight RG58 C/U 50 Ohm 1.0m
Length: 1.0 m

Item no. 91259.1

Coax Cable RG59, 75 Ohm, PVC Green
Impedance: 75 Ohm
Lenght: 1.0 m

Item no. 91175.100

HF-Cable 02YS(ST)CY 75 Ohm for 1.6/5.6 assembly, 100m
Impedance: 75 Ohm
Lenght: 100.0 m

Item no. K5174.3

Bi-Dir. parallel printer cable, DSub 25 to Centronics 36, M-M, 3,0m, beige
Colour: beige
Length: 3.0 m

Item no. K5190.1

1m Plug-Plug 37p. 1:1
Colour: beige
Length: 1.0 m

Item no. EK536.015

Mini Din 6 to DIN 5, F-M, 0,15m