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Item no. 102179

Turning Handle, Complete, without Cylinder

Item no. 46087.2V

Sash lock with T4 lock (alternative), incl. 2 keys

Item no. 46087.3

Profile Half-Cylinder for Locking 3524E with 1 Key

Item no. 46087.4

Profile Half-Cylinder with Push-Button

Item no. 46087.2

Profile Half-Cylinder Locking T4 with 2 Keys, Alternative Locking

Item no. 102115.4

Spare Key for Standing Cabinets IP55, 2 Pieces

Item no. 102266N

Replacement lock including handle for wall housing, 1/2 piece and flat pack

Item no. 46087.3V

Sash lock with lock 3524E, incl. 1,key *NOT FOR ADDRESSING*

Item no. 102115

Spare keys for Network and Server Cabinets, Wall Housings (T3/1333), 2 Pieces

Item no. 102179.2

Turning Handle for Wall Housings IP55

Item no. 102115.2

Spare Keys for Wall Housings IP55 and 3+5U, 2 Pieces

Item no. 46086.1

Profile Half-Cylinder Locking 15, without key

Item no. 46087.1P

Profile Half-Cylinder T3/1333 with 2 Keys (for PRO)
for Cabinet Series: PRO

Item no. 699989

Compact Turning Handle for PHC, incl. Latch