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Comprehensive selection of splice boxes & trays for your fiber optic network

Splice boxes and splice distributors are essential for a reliable fiber optic cabling system and serve as a connecting point between the fiber optic installation cable and the in-house network. High quality components ensure a secure and stable operation. You can find fiber splice boxes and distribution boxes in the EFB-Elektronik online shop with a wide range of matching distributors, module racks, subracks and accessories. 
Pre-assembled and unassambled splice boxes are available directly from stock. We also have our own fiber optic production facility to implement customised requests. Fast and on-time delivery of your orders is guaranteed.
Benefit from our long-standing expertise as a specialist in structured IT cabling! We are always at your service for technical consultations. Don't hesitate – message your personal sales representative. Further information
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Item no. 53100.3

Crimp splice protector for arc splices, (min. PPU 15/ package 150pcs)
Model: crimp splice protection

Item no. 53100.32

Crimp arc splice protection, Telekom approved
Item Package Quantity: 1
Model: crimp splice protection

Item no. 53100.21

Spliceholder for 12 arc splices
Suitable for: Crimp splice protection

Item no. 53100.8

Splice holder for 6 x arc splices with shrink tube, black
Suitable for: Thermo splice protection

Item no. 53010.5

PG16 Cable Glands conical grey, RAL7035

Item no. VSB-A-GR

Splice box sliding version 1U without front panel, unequipped, grey
Colour: grey

Item no. 53705.1V3

Industrial Splice housing for DIN Rail without front panel RAL7035
Colour: grey
Suitable for number of couplings/adapters: 12

Item no. 53012.1

M20 Cable Glands grey, RAL7035

Item no. VSB-FP-12SC-S

Front panel 12 x SC Simplex/E2000® Simplex/MTRJ/LC Duplex, grey
Colour: grey
Number of connector holes: 12
Suitable for adapter: SC Simplex/E2000® Simplex/MTRJ/LC Duplex

Item no. 53100.22

Spliceholder for 12 arc splices
Suitable for: Crimp splice protection

Item no. 53603.1

Compact splice dist. set RAL7035,W=265 x H=150 x D=55mm
Colour: grey

Item no. 53705.3V2B

Front plate for 6 x SC-S, LC-D, E2000® with 2.8mm mounting holes
Colour: light grey
Number of connector holes: 6
Suitable for adapter: SC Simplex/LC Duplex/E2000®

Item no. 83030.2

DIN Rail holder,blank steel FM 4/TS35

Item no. 53603.4

Distribution Plate, RAL7035 6 SC spx or 6 LC quad Adapters
Number of connector holes: 6
Suitable for adapter: SC Simplex/LC Duplex/E2000®

Item no. 53100.91-100

Splice Heat Shrink, transparent, length: 45mm, PU 100
Model: Thermo splice protection

Item no. 53704.1

FO mini splice distributor plastic
Suitable for number of splice protections: 12

Item no. VSB-FP-12SC-D-V

Front panel 12 x SC Duplex/LC Quad vertical, grey
Colour: grey
Number of connector holes: 12
Suitable for adapter: SC duplex/ LC quad

Item no. 53100.10

Splice cassette Pro incl. holders for 2x12 crimp splices
Suitable for number of splice protections: 24

Item no. 53026.1-100

Dust cover plastic black for E2000®/SC simplex/LC-Duplex, PU 100
Suitable for: SC-Simplex

Item no. 53100.110

Cover for splice cassette 53100.10
Suitable for number of splice protections: -

Item no. 53100.204

Equipped splice cassette with coloured stripped pigtails LC OM3

Item no. 53100.208

Equipped splice cassette with coloured stripped pigtails SC OM3

Item no. 53100.209

Equipped splice cassette with coloured stripped pigtails SC OM4

Item no. 53100.211

Equipped splice cassette with coloured stripped pigtails SC OS2
APC version: False
Category: OS2 acc. to ITU-T G.652.D
Colour: 12-colours
Type of connector: SC

Function of splice boxes in fiber optic networks

Splice boxes, also known as fiber optic splice enclosures or fiber splice closures, are essential components in fiber optic networks. Their primary function is to protect and manage the spliced fiber optic cables, ensuring they remain secure, well-organised, and unaffected by environmental factors. The key elements within a splice box include the splice cassette, responsible for accommodating the fiber cables and their extra lengths, as well as the front panel, which features a variety of connectors for transmitting signals.
The splice box functions as a connection point between the fiber optic installation cable and pigtails. Within the splice cassette, the fiber optic cable is carefully spliced and separated into pigtails. The splice cassette is removable and stackable and can be assembled without tools. In addition, the front panel of the splice box can be removed to gain easy access to the cassette and splice fibres to different fiber optic connectors
All common connector types are possible, e.g. LC, SC, E2000® or ST. The splice boxes are usually installed in 19″ network or server cabinets. Once installed, active components (switches, media converters) can be exchanged or extended with little effort. All you have to do is reconnect the fiber optic patch cables or plug in additional ones. 
Save valuable time during installation and order splice boxes from EFB-Elektronik already fully equipped and ready to splice. The boxes are available in grey (RAL 7035) or black (RAL 9005). The equipment options are very extensive. EFB-Elektronik therefore offers customised equipping of the splice boxes.

Splice boxes with high availability thanks to in-house production

Own manufacturing in Germany
Our in-house manufacturing in Germany ensures short delivery time and high quality workmanship.
Individual assembly
In the shortest possible time, individual customer orders are prepared just in time ready for splicing. In order to keep the delivery time as short as possible, we have an extensive range of products in stock.
High product availability
The high availability of our stock of semifinished products enables us to offer a wide range of products. This provides the right product for every application with spliced or pre-assembled variants.
Special variants possible
Ask for special variants, e.g. OM4 and OS2 mixed or RJ45 keystones combined with SC adapters. Our manufacturing will find the right solution for you.

Areas of application for splice boxes

Data centres
Especially in data centers with a high number of connections, splice boxes are essential to ensure easy management and scalability of connections. Boxes maintain organised cable management and secure and redundant cabling.
In offices, splice boxes serve as central hubs for network connections between departments, to facilitate maintenance and troubleshooting. The boxes ensure an organised cable structure and contribute to an aesthetic working environment. They also help to protect the network from unauthorised access.
Many people use the network at colleges and universities. Splice boxes enable network segmentation for increased security. They facilitate network expansion to new buildings and equipment and ensure reliability through redundancy. They also support the connection of various services such as printers, payment systems, video cameras and research instruments.

Varieties of splice boxes

Splice boxes protect the fusion or mechanical splices of fiber optic cables. These splices are typically delicate and must be safeguarded against physical damage and environmental factors.
There are various types of splice boxes, designed to meet specific environmental and application requirements:
  • 19-inch splice boxes: Splice boxes in 19" format are the most common. The standard size fits into standardised racks and network cabinets and therefore enables seamless integration into existing network infrastructures.
  • Dome Splice Closure: These are often used for aerial or buried applications. They have a dome-like structure with gasket-sealed access ports for cable entry and exit.
  • Vertical Closure: Vertical closures are suitable for applications with limited lateral space. They have a vertical orientation, which allows them to be installed in confined areas.
  • Horizontal Closure: These closures are installed horizontally and are often used in wall-mounted or rack-mounted configurations.
  • Splice Housing for DIN Rail: These closures are used in long fibre optic cable runs where splices are required to repair or extend the network.
  • Inline Splice ClosureInline Splice Sleeeves are designed for use in long-distance fiber optic cable runs where splicing is necessary to repair or extend the network.
  • Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH): FDH closures are used in fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks to distribute fiber optic connections to multiple households. They often include a splitter for signal distribution.

Structure of an assembeld splice box

Bestückte Spleißbox
1.Fiber pigtails with through-dyed, color-coded primary and secondary coating.  

2.Plugged into the feedthrough adapters according to colour code DIN VDE0888. 

3. Proper fiber guidance in the splice box.  

4. Fibers inserted into the splice cassette, set down and shortened.
Colourcode DIN VDE0888
The colour coded pigtails are according to colour code DIN VDE0888 into the feedthrough adapters. The 900µ fibers are properly laid through the fiber guides in the splice box and inserted into the splice cassette. In the splice cassette the secondary coating (900µ) of the fibers is deposited in a length-adjusted manner. The 250µ fibers are guided in the splice cassette and shortened to the same length. The coloured primary coating (250µ) makes colour allocation easy.
Farbcode DIN VDE0888

Splice boxes from EFB-Elektronik: your advantages

Proper selection and installation of splice boxes are crucial for the functionality, reliability and longevity of fiber optic cable networks. In EFB-Elektronik online shop you can select the correct splice box, distributors, module racks, and accessories as well as high quality fiber optic installation cables and pigtails for your FO project. Contact our specialists if you need any help selecting the best products for your purpose.
Splice boxes help manage the incoming and outgoing fiber cables, ensuring proper organisation, strain relief, and bend radius control, which is crucial for maintaining signal quality. There are even more advantages:
  1. Environmental Protection: Splice boxes are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  2. Durability: They are typically built to last and protect the splices from physical damage, increasing the longevity of the network.
  3. Scalability: Splice boxes can accommodate multiple fiber optic cables, enabling easy expansion of the network as needed.
  4. Fiber Management: They aid in the organisation and proper routing of fiber cables, reducing the risk of signal loss due to improper cable management.

Order fiber optic splice boxes online at EFB-Elektronik

EFB-Elektronik is your specialist for optical fiber networks. We maintain close collaborations with partners across installation, specialist trade, wholesale, and industrial sectors, facilitating the realisation of fiber optic projects. Our scope of offerings extends well beyond the sale of splice boxes, distributors, subracks, module racks, and associated accessories. Our team of highly skilled engineers with profound knowledge is at your service for consultation related to the strategic planning and configuration of fiber optic networks and structured cabling. Additionally, we offer custom-made products as well as knowledge-sharing digital network technology webinars. If you have any questions about our products and services, we are always happy to help!