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MTP® fiber optic cables from the specialist — MPO cabling of the utmost calibre

For the discerning data centre: MTP® systems have become the gold standard in  fiber optic cabling. And for good reason: MTP®/MPO connectors provide exceptional transmission properties within compact dimensions. Due to their Small Form Factor (SFF) design, they achieve a packing density that stands unparalleled amongst fiber optic connectors available today. Visit our online store for an extensive selection of top-tier MTP® cables. We consistently stock FTTx Subracks, ensuring swift dispatch and delivery. Explore our vast product range! As seasoned experts, we also craft bespoke solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Delivered promptly and efficiently. For tailored products or expert guidance, please reach out to your personal sales representative. We're always here to help! More Information.
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Item no. O04110.0,4LL

Fanout MTP®/MPO (Male) - LC 50/125µ OM3, 900µm LSZH, LowLoss, 0.4m
Length: 0.4 m
Number of connectors connection 1: 1 x MTP® male
Number of connectors connection 2: 12 x LC
Number of fibres: 12

The benefits of fiber optic cables with MTP® connectors

MTP®, shorthand for Multi-fiber Termination Push-On, is a trademark by US-based USCONEC. These multi-fiber connectors are distinguished by their minimal insertion loss and high packing density. Here's what you can expect from MTP® fiber cables and their corresponding accessories from EFB-Elektronik:
  • High-density connections: Integrate 8 or 12 fibers into a single MTP® connector. This compact design facilitates connections of many fibers, enhancing both efficiency and organisation.
  • Quick and straightforward installation:Connect multiple fibers in a single action without the need for tools. This not only reduces labour time but also economises on costs, streamlining both network expansion and upkeep.
  • Flexibility & scalability: MTP® cables accommodate a range of connection architectures, from point-to-point to mesh and beyond. This offers adaptability and scalability in network design.
  • Performance & dependability: Our MTP® components are crafted to the most exacting standards, guaranteeing consistent performance in high-speed network settings.
  • Different transmission classes & lengths:The transmission class of the fiber determines the colour of the cable. Choose a lime green OM5 cable, an OM4 cable in erika violet, OM3 cable in aqua or an OS2 cable in yellow and select the right length for your application.
  • Personalised consultation & services: DThe specialists at EFB-Elektronik are committed to helping you find the right MTP® cables for your needs. Additionally, we're pleased to customise MTP® systems to your specifications. We support across all aspects of network technology and structured cabling.

MTP® versus MPO cables: Distinguishing the Two

While MTP® and MPO (Multi-fiber Push-On) are fully compatible, they serve different roles. MPO is the established standard for fiber optic connectors (IEC61754-7). MTP®, a brand from USCONEC, has properties surpassing the MPO standard, leading to superior contact transmission:
  • Guide Pins: MTP® connectors employ rounded guide pins. In contrast to the angular MPO guide pins, these exert less stress on sockets and enhance contact with individual fibers – an important advantage during frequent connections and disconnections.
  • Ferrule: MTP® fiber connectors feature a floating ferrule for improved mechanical performance.
  • Removable Housing: The detachable housing of MTP® adapters permits the ferrule to be refined, polished, and performance-tested. It also allows for post-installation modifications to the MTP® cable polarity and gender of connector (female/male).

Comprehensive selection: MTP® cables & MPO equipment from EFB-Elektronik

Discover a broad spectrum of MTP® cables, along with carriers and module inserts for MTP® and MPO cables, in the EFB-Elektronik online store. Select the ideal MTP® patch cord, trunk cable, or fanout cable, with the precise number of fibers you require. All our MTP® connectors and cables are MPO-compatible, so you can seamlessly integrate existing MPO fiber connectors and cables. As authorities in data network technology and fiber optic connections, we stand ready to support and guide you through our products and additional possibilities. EFB-Elektronik is your go-to for state-of-the-art fiber optic technology. Let's collaborate to craft the optimum solution for your fiber optic project!