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Item no. 39976.1

Stick Cleaner 2.50mm packing unit 10 pcs.
Model: Stick Cleaner for 2.5 mm connector

Item no. 39989.2

Ferrule Cleaner for LC, MU for PC & APC 1.25mm ferrule
Model: Ferrule cleaner for MU and LC plugs for 1.25 mm ferrules

Item no. 39989.5

Ferrule cleaner for E2000®, SC, FC, ST with 2.5 mm ferrule
Model: Ferrule cleaner for E2000, SC, FC and ST plugs with 2.5 mm Ferrule

Item no. 39920.2

Alcohol dispenser without content
Model: Alcohol dispenser, 50ml

Item no. 39926.1

Miller® Fiber Cleaning Tapes
Model: 25 Miller® Fiber Cleaning Tapes

Item no. 39989.4

Ferrule Cleaner MPO II, push-pull-technology
Model: Ferrule cleaner for MTP/MPO plugs

Item no. 39988.2

Ferrule Cleaner for SC,FC and ST-adapters for 2.5mm ferrule
Model: Ferrule cleaner for SC, FC and ST plugs for 2.5 mm ferrules

Item no. 39962.2A

Reel Cleaner refill pack of 6
Model: Reel cleaner refill pack (6pcs)

Item no. 39989.6

Ferrule-Cleaner for LC-Duplex PC/APC
Model: Ferrule cleaner for LC Duplex Connector and Jack