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Item no. 39951.1

Krone LSA Insertion Tool with Sensor

Item no. 39933.1

LSA Insertion Tool

Item no. 39912.1

Cable Cutter
Insulated: True
Strip function: True

Item no. 39950.3

Cable cutting tool for Ø 8 - 28mm

Item no. 39982.2

Diagonal Cutter chromed 180mm 7005
Handle cover: Plastic grips
Insulated: True
Strip function: False
Surface protection: Chromium-plated

Item no. 39982.3

Side cutter polished,180mm 7001
Handle cover: Plastic coated
Insulated: True
Strip function: False
VDE tested: False

Item no. 39910.1

Stripping Tool for PIMF cable

Item no. 39934.2

Crimping Tool for RJ45 Hirose connector TM11,TM21,TM31

Item no. DCW1003

Crimping tool (frame) for die inserts DCW1003.x

Item no. DCW1008

Stripping Tool for jacket and foil shield

Item no. EHT-010

Crimping tool for E-20070 and E-20091

Item no. EHT-040

Crimping tool for UTP Keystones

Item no. 39919.1V2

Network Tool Kit with 4 units

Item no. 39935.3

Bitset 31-pieces, metric for Quickloader
Number of bits total: 31

Item no. 39969.1

Tooltest HTC-0022

Item no. DCW1002.1

Die insert Hirose TM11/21/31 for DCW1002
Model: Insert for Hirose

Item no. E-MUC410

Crimping tool for Modular Connector 4-8 pole

Item no. EHT-020

Network parallel pliers 11 - 32mm, for assembling keystones and field connectors

Item no. 39841.1

PRIMO Hirose Crimping Tools Case, Alu

Item no. 39945.2

Crimping tool for UTP-Modular, RJ69 10pol 37539.1

Item no. 39911.1

stripping tool for Twisted Pair Cable

Item no. 39931.1

LSA/IDC Insertion Tool for UTP Keystones

Item no. DCW1002

Crimping Tool(frame) for die inserts DCW1002.x

Item no. DCW1003.1

Die insert for DCW1003, suit. 37640.1, 37541.3, 37519.1