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Item no. 39951.1

Krone LSA Insertion Tool with Sensor

Item no. 39933.1

LSA Insertion Tool

Item no. 39912.1

Cable Cutter
Insulated: True
Strip function: True

Item no. 39910.1

Stripping Tool for PIMF cable

Item no. 39934.2

Crimping Tool for RJ45 Hirose connector TM11,TM21,TM31

Item no. 39950.3

Cable cutting tool for Ø 8 - 28mm

Item no. 39982.2

Diagonal Cutter chromed 180mm 7005
Handle cover: Plastic grips
Insulated: True
Strip function: False
Surface protection: Chromium-plated

Item no. 39982.3

Side cutter polished,180mm 7001
Handle cover: Plastic coated
Insulated: True
Strip function: False
VDE tested: False

Item no. DCW1003

Crimping tool (frame) for die inserts DCW1003.x

Item no. DCW1008

Stripping Tool for jacket and foil shield

Item no. EHT-010

Crimping tool for E-20070 and E-20091

Item no. EHT-040

Crimping tool for UTP Keystones

Item no. 39919.1V2

Network Tool Kit with 4 units

Item no. 39935.3

Bitset 31-pieces, metric for Quickloader
Number of bits total: 31

Item no. 39969.1

Tooltest HTC-0022

Item no. DCW1002.1

Die insert Hirose TM11/21/31 for DCW1002
Model: Insert for Hirose

Item no. EHT-020

Network parallel pliers 11 - 32mm, for assembling keystones and field connectors

Item no. E-MUC410

Crimping tool for Modular Connector 4-8 pole

Item no. 39841.1

PRIMO Hirose Crimping Tools Case, Alu

Item no. 39911.1

stripping tool for Twisted Pair Cable

Item no. 39931.1

LSA/IDC Insertion Tool for UTP Keystones

Item no. 39945.2

Crimping tool for UTP-Modular, RJ69 10pol 37539.1

Item no. DCW1002

Crimping Tool(frame) for die inserts DCW1002.x

Item no. DCW1003.1

Die insert for DCW1003, suit. 37640.1, 37541.3, 37519.1