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High quality active components ensure permanent availability and reliable operation of your network – in particular, in case of increasing network sizes due to rising demand. Active network components are also essential starting at a certain network size: in the office, for installation into the 19” server rack or within the industrial sector.
Visit our online shop and find an extensive assortment of active components, from switches over transceiver modules and media converters to components for DIN rail mounting. Check out more than 180 high quality products and popular brands in our active segment!
Our long-time partners include e.g. LevelOne, CTS, Lantech and Finisar. It goes without saying that we will always be at your disposal as expert in network technology. For technical consultation or in case of questions and individual requests, please feel free to contact your personal representative!
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Item no. AGM731F-BO

Netgear AGM731F compatible BlueOptics SFP BO05C85 LC-Duplex 1000BASE-SX

Item no. AXM761-BO

Netgear AXM761 compatible BlueOptics SFP BO35J856S3D LC-Duplex 10GBASE-SR

Item no. AXM762-BO

Netgear AXM762 compatible BlueOptics SFP+ 10GBASE-LR Singlemode

Item no. BO05A13602D-BO

SFP Fast Ethernet, MM, 100FX, 2km, 1310nm, 155Mbps, LC dplx, DDM

Item no. BO05C13610D-BO

SFP Gigabit Ethernet, SM 1000LX, 10km, 1310nm, LC dplx, DDM

Item no. BO353503J1M-BO

BlueOptics, Active Optical Cable, 2 x SFP+, 10GBASE-SR, 1m, MM G50/125μm
Length: 1.0 m

Item no. BO35J13610D-BO

SFP+ 10G Ethernet, SM, 10G-LR, 10km, 1310nm, LC dplx, DDM

Item no. DEM-310GT-BO

D-Link DEM-310GT compatible BlueOptics SFP 1000BASE-LX Singelmode

Item no. DEM-431XT-BO

D-Link DEM-431XT compatible BlueOptics SFP+ ,Transceiver LC-Duplex 10GBASE-SR

Item no. 10052-BO

Extreme Networks 10052 compatible BlueOptics SFP BO05C13610D 1000BASE-LX

Item no. 10304-BL

Extreme Networks 10304 compatible BlueLAN,DAC SFP+ SC353501J1M30, 1m
Length: 1.0 m

Item no. 10311-BL

Extreme Networks 10311 compatible BlueLAN,DAC QSFP SC252501K0.5M30, 0,5m
Length: 0.5 m

Item no. 10401-BO

Extreme Networks 10401 compatible BlueOptics QSFP28 BO28L859S1D

Item no. 10412-BL

Extreme Networks 10412 kompatibles BlueLAN,DAC QSFP28 SC282801L2M30
Length: 2.0 m

Item no. FCBG110SD1C03

AOC 10G, 2xSFP+, MM, 3m,0~70°C, LSZH
Length: 3.0 m

Item no. FCBN425QB1C01

AOC quadwire Multimode 2 x QSFP28 100Gigabit, 1m, 0°C - 70°C
Length: 1.0 m

Item no. FCBN510QE2C03

AOC 4x10.3 Gb/s, Quadwire QSFP+ to 4 SFP+, MMF,,3m, 0°C - 70°C
Length: 3.0 m

Item no. FEP-0511

5-Port Fast Ethernet PoE+ Switch, 4x FE PoE+ (65W)
Max. PoE-Budget: 65 W

Item no. FEP-0800W65

8-Port Fast Ethernet PoE+ Switch (65W)
Max. PoE-Budget: 65 W

Item no. FEP-1612W120

16-Port Fast Ethernet PoE+ Switch (120W)
Max. PoE-Budget: 120 W

Item no. FEU-0511

4-Port Fast Ethernet Switch + 1 LWL Multimode SC Port

Item no. FEU-0812V2

8-Port Fast Ethernet Switch

Item no. FGP-1031

10-Port-Fast Ethernet-PoE-Switch, 2x Uplink Gigabit RJ45, 8x PoE-Ports

Item no. FGP-2831

28-Port-Fast Ethernet-PoE-Switch, 24xPoE-Ports 2xGigabit RJ45 2xGigabit SFP