Premium brands

INFRALAN® shielded structured cabling system

Today’s modern economy relies on high-quality IT-cabling for seamless communication processes. The technical requirements for facility infrastructure systems are increasing exponentially. 10G-Ethernet, Power-over-Ethernet, VOIP, CCTV and video conferencing set entirely new benchmarks for the performance of local area networks. Certified IT cabling systems such as INFRALAN® ensure reliable company communications on the physical level. The INFRALAN® brand is a shielded, structured cabling system with perfectly attuned components. INFRALAN® is well above the compliance threshold for the current transmission rates specified by ISO/IEC 11801 Act.6A and holds a variety of certifications, such as GHMT, DELTA or ETL.

ECOLAN® unshielded structured cabling system

Infrastructural system solutions must satisfy the highest quality standards in respect of signal run time, crosstalk and shielding effectiveness. ECOLAN® is an internationally certified IT cabling system, which warrants failure-free and fast communication processes within companies. We recommend our ECOLAN® brand as an unshielded structured cabling system for international facility infrastructure projects. ECOLAN® components are perfectly attuned to each other. Certifications such as GHMT and ETL ensure compliance with current standards while maintaining ample benchmark leeway. INFRALAN® and ECOLAN® offers companies and public administrations a certified and top-quality infrastructure solution that each carries a 25-year system warranty - the expression of our appreciation of the highest quality standards by EFB-Elektronik.