WLAN devices such as WLAN access points, gateways, adaptors and more

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Anyone who relies on wireless data transmission cannot do without suitable WLAN devices. High quality components ensure a stable connection with high bandwidth.
In our online shop, we offer you WLAN components for complete networking. From access points for your desktop to ceiling mounts – check out our great selection of high quality products from renowned manufacturers. Discover now!
In addition, you will benefit from our technical consultation services and customized solutions upon request. Don't wait – talk to your personal EFB representative!
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Item no. WAB-8010

Sliding Door for ESV 42U, A=1200, D=1200, Self-Closing, w/o Ft/Pl, RAL9005

Item no. WAP-8131

I-V(ZN)HH 2G 50/125µ OM5 LSOH 2,8mm

Item no. WAP-8221

PoE WLAN Access Point, 750Mbit/s, Dual Band, In-Wall-Mount, Controller Managed

Item no. WAB-8021

19" 1U Heavy-Duty Shelf, Depth-Adjustable, 150 kg, CD 800..1000, RAL9005

Item no. WAC-2010

Gigabit WLAN controller for up to 128 APs

Item no. WAP-8121

Managed PoE WLAN-Ceiling/Wall-Access-Point, 750Mbit/s, Dual-Band

Item no. WAC-2013

RJ45 Patch Cord Cat.5e U/UTP LSZH CCA AWG24/7 red 30m

Item no. WAP-8021

Desktop Wireless Access Point, 1200Mbit/s

Item no. WAP-8123

Managed PoE WLAN-Ceiling/Wall-Access-Point, 1200Mbit/s, Dual-Band, MU-MIMO