In times of networked technologies, the subject ‘Multimedia’ is becoming increasingly important in both the private and public sectors - whether digital or analogue. Home cinema, professional video conferencing, digital signage or the control of machines in the industrial sector are just some of the areas where the reliable interaction of multimedia components plays a crucial role. As a network specialist, EFB Elektronik offers a multimedia range of more than 700 items, which include, in addition to hardware, cables and connectors, adapters, converters and accessories. Selected components ensure the implementation of the highest standards, in the industrial environment for example, through the control of high-quality components (plotters, machines) in real-time operation. Of course, individual advice and special solutions on request are an important part of our service portfolio.

Flexible workstations, digital conferences: our solutions for you

Home office and video conferencing are becoming more and more important in today's world, especially in the context of the coronavirus. But not all companies are prepared to allow their employees to work from home. We offer various solutions to ensure that networking between employees and to customers can continue to be guaranteed even when working from home.
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HDMI ports belong to the most common multimedia interfaces in the market. They are used for the transmission of audio and video contents and can be found particularly in home entertainment as well as in the AV-branch. Due to increasing technical requirements the HDMI standard is in a continuous process of optimization.
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HDBaseT™ – Transmission quality in perfection

The HDBaseT™ connection standard makes it possible to transmit high-resolution multimedia signals without any loss in quality. The HDBaseT™ standard offers accurate audio and video transmission - even over long transmission distances of up to 100 meters and without data compression.
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DisplayPort: The future-proof connection cable

DisplayPort is a digital multimedia interface for audio- and video signals. Compared with HDMI connections DisplayPort has a locking mechanism. Another advantage of the DisplayPort is the high resolution of up to 8K (7680 x 4320).
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