EFB-Elektronik offers a wide range of equipped/unequipped splice boxes with a high stock availability. Thanks to the stocking, individual customer orders can be realised in company-specific fibre optics production and delivered with appropriate components in a timely manner. Get an advantage of the simple and safe cable ducting for bundle- or breakout cables on the product‘s rear side due to the U-shaped recess for the cable gland. Numbered ports also provide a clear label for the splice box. Ask for special variants, such as OM4 and OS2 combined. Our flexible production processes always provides the right solution for you.


The MTP®/MPO cabling system is attractive due to its high scalability and packing density and is standardised pursuant to IEC61754-7 and TIA604-5A. A MTP®/MPO connector has the size of a SC-Simplex or LC-Duplex connector, but with the theoretically maximum fiber density of 72 fibres, whereby today‘s applications are based on a 12-fiber matrix. Parallel optical Ethernet services such as 40G (4 x 10G) and 100G (4 x 25G) use 8 fibres, 4 fibres for speech, and 4 fibers for listening. The serial Ethernet services 10G and 25G can be transmitted with the known LC-Duplex connector as a 2-fiber matrix. EFB-Elektronik has a flexible selection of MTP®/MPO patch cables, which can be selected with the coding A or B. The pre-assembled MTP®/MPO trunk cables from EFB-Elektronik are provided 1:1 (TYPE A) as MTP®/MPO (FEMALE) on both sides, equipped and improved with a premium cable divider (for M25 recesses). Furthermore, EFB-Elektronik uses the coding TYPE A for cassette modules as standard, in order to avoid plug-in errors.


Modular subracks have been developed especially for applications with a high pack density in a limited space, considering the modular design of the connection areas. By using a 3U/ 84DU subrack with a module card system, 12 different modules can be installed, which can have different connector plugs. As a result, various services can be realised with this system.

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